Bridal Beauty: How to Choose a Brand New Fragrance For Your Wedding Day

When it comes to planning your wedding, there really is quite a lot to think about. Choosing your outfit, deciding on a style for your hair, the right shoes……but have you thought about your wedding fragrance? Will you want to wear your normal perfume or aftershave? Or will you want to pick something new for the special occasion? If you are choosing something new, then today’s post is just for you. Lots of fab advice for you from the perfume experts.

A Special Fragrance On Your Wedding Is A Must


Photo by Jennifer Larsen Photography – full wedding here

Ivana from NOTINO is here to guide you on your fragrance journey

Your Wedding will be the most magical experience of your life, but yet, shopping for a wedding dress, beauty products and accessories is much more stressful than it seemed the minute after you said yes.

It is said the best time to start shopping for your wedding is about one year before the big event. Just to be sure all will be how you dreamt about it when you were a little girl with a white pillowcase over your head walking slowly down the hallway. However, shopping for a wedding gown a year in advance may seem too soon. Seeing too many gowns too far in advance may add unnecessary stress. And remember that new wedding gown designs are usually released in October and April, a year before they are available in bridal stores. So the key here is to be patient.

On the other hand, what we recommend to start with as soon as possible is the special fragrance you will always remember your wedding day by.

Photo by Hannah Monika  – full wedding here

The scent is key to our memories

There is always one specific scent that brings you back in your memories, back to happy days and to your childhood. That is why your wedding day deserves a scent that will always bring you back to this exact point of your life, every time you unscrew the bottle cap. The scent has closer links to our memory than a taste, touch or sight, it is a king of all the senses.

So if you love to switch perfumes according to your mood or you are always faithful to the same perfume, keep in mind your wedding perfume should be something special, luxurious and something you’ve never worn before.

When it comes to wedding beauty, the best advice is to aim for a more elevated version of your day-to-day fragrance and makeup. Answer the following questions to find your new and special perfume for women to accompany you on the happiest day of your life.

photo by Magills Film and Photography –  full wedding here

When and where the wedding takes place?

A winter wedding calls for rich scents full of spices, woody notes and juicy berries. Summer wedding, on the other hand, calls for crisp and fresh scents with a hint of citrus and flower notes. There is also a difference between scents suitable for a daytime wedding and an evening wedding. But no worries, it is not rocket science. Basically, if your wedding takes place outside or in the evening, feel free to reach for more sophisticated and heavier fragrances. In case a daytime wedding or inside one, go for lighter, fresher and classic scents.

photo by Luke Slattery – full wedding here

What are your favourite notes?

Your new fragrance should be a more luxurious version of your day-to-day fragrance. Find your signature perfume online and write down all the keynotes it includes. You already know these scents and you find them comforting and cosy. Your new fragrance should be a real partner in crime on your wedding day. There are so many fragrance finders online you can use to compare all the scents on the market with the one in your bathroom. You just have to do your homework to find THE ONE. Well, the perfume ONE.

photo by Jessica Miriam Photography – full wedding here

What is your wedding style?

Last but not least. What is your bridal style going to be? It depends on your personality, what makes you feel beautiful and how exactly you want to feel on your wedding day. Bohemian, timeless elegance or chic and sophisticated bride? Read the story behind the fragrance, rush through the description on the website. Can you see yourself in it?

photo by  Art/Photography by Sydney Rasch – full wedding here

We are writing this article with the upcoming shopping event in our minds. Black Friday perfume deals will make the fragrance shopping much easier when you know you are saving a lot of money. This way you even get to play with the fragrances around more, trying one or two before your big day. We also recommend starting slowly thinking about your bridal makeup look. Not only you can shop the makeup for less but you can try the longevity of the products. NYX Professional Makeup is the one you should definitely give a try.




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