‘Lovers Love Loving in Ibiza’ Free Spirited Bohemian Beach Wedding Inspiration

If you are regular follower to the blog you will know that I just adore Ibiza. After spending many a holiday there and getting married there 9 years ago it will always have a very special place in my heart. The island is magical, renowned for its club life and hedonism. However, there are many other aspects to Ibiza, a place that the hippy inside all of us will love. A spiritual side, perfect for the bohemian couple. And that is what today’s shoot is all about. The shoot took place in December last year at Cala Tarida in Ibiza. The shoot shows Ibiza in winter, not filled with tourists but a place that the locals love, as the winter is when they get their island back. I just love the emotions this shoot gives out, the calmness, the intensity and of course the amazing decor and flowers. Great work to everyone involved.

As the trend is closer to the spiritual, the Bohemian Style Shooting on Ibiza is a symbolic interplay of freedom and emotion. It’s a new twist on the hippie movement with Strong colorful colours fade and On the other hand, the dark intensifies to a deep tone

Clàudia tells us more about her inspiration behind the shoot

Never before has there been such a high trend on Bohomedian as now. Symbols have changed over many years. But flowers still stand for love and vitality. There is no wedding so far no flowers adorn the event. Long bamboo poles were used for the shoot in Ibiza, as they can not break so fast. Even a marriage should last a long time. Behind the models a small tent was set up. Decorated with other flowers, it stands for Bohomedian and spiritual activity, as Indians have often used such a tent. Indians can also bless a wedding and are also available for healing. As the trend approaches more and more the spiritual, the tent is a key feature in the style shoot. Bohoeye was shot on the beach of Cala Tarida. Not far from Bohocatcher several bamboo poles were tied together by Dana Freyberg Wedding planner from Mallroca and Elena Jane Wedding planner from Ibiza and united. They symbolize a unity of several parts. This is often used for ceremonies. Among them are the mourners to perform a wedding ceremony. Decorated with flowers of all colors, the picture stands for luck and prosperity. Not many wedding couples can marry on the beach today.

If this is the case, however, it is a one-time event as the sea is endless. Bohomedian and beach weddings are therefore very modern and popular. The groom, however, did not wear any usual colors. Dark red and gray emphasize the unconventional style of the Bohomedian wedding in Ibiza. In a Bohomedian wedding a color gamut and a color play selection is allowed. To organize such a shoot requires many things. It is important to know which flowers are blooming at what time. Especially on the Balleares in Ibiza and Mallorca ordering flowers is more limited than on the mainland. Here, the colors from the color concept were strictly observed. The choice of clothes took place in Ibiza with a private service provider. The dresses are very faithful to the Bohomedian style and each one is handmade by Belenboheme. There were three wedding dresses available for the shoot.


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