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Ask the experts: Britten on Veils – Types of Veils and How They Have Changed Through The Years

This afternoon we are back with another ask the experts post and this time we are talking veils with Britten weddings. Britten create beautiful handcrafted bridal accessories, including hair pins, earings, garters and of course veils. Veils can really add that finishing touch to a wedding outfit and can really set the tone for the… Read more »



Bridal Style: The New Nymphi Collection – Veils and Bridal Accessories

  Today I’m delighted to share with you the brand new accessory and veil collection from Nymphi Designs. Nymphi is a Greek label but avaibale in the UK and brings with it a unique boho charm in it’s designs. From Veils, floral head pieces, sashes, cuffs, collars and shoulder pieces, Nymphi’s accessories collection is perfect for many… Read more »

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Bridal Style – An Exclusive Look at The Rainbow Club Veils Collection 2014

  Today we are looking at Wedding Veils, as I have an exclusive look at the Rainbow Club’s 2014 veils Collection. The Rainbow Club are best known for designing, making and colouring handmade satin wedding shoes. However they have been strengthening their wedding accessory collection with veils, headdresses, and bags as well as their vast shoe… Read more »

Vintage Photo Booth Hire



Boho Pins: Veils

Welcome along to another edition of Boho Pins, where I delve into my pinterest board collection and choose one to share with you. If you’re planning a wedding then pinterest is the perfect visual planning tool. Fantastic for putting ideas together and keeping all your ideas organised! You can find me here pinterest.com/bohoweddings and I update my boards on a daily basis! Today I am looking at Veils. There are so many… Read more »

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Maggy Bride Wedding Accessories

Show and Tell: Maggy Bride – Romantic, Bohemian Wedding Accessories

  Today I’d like to introduce you to Maggy Bride, an accessory company who focus on bringing past  mementos from family weddings and incorporating them into your own wedding accessories. ‘Individually created for the meaningful bride’  Jenny the creator of Maggy Bride hand stitches headbands, hair accessories, cuffs floral headbands, veils and bags and creates beautiful boho and vintage inspired pieces for the bride looking for something individual and unique to her. Jenny is based… Read more »

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Nymphi - Bridal Accessory Collection

Bridal Style: Nymphi – Bridal Accessory Collection For the Vintage, Bohemian Bride

  Today on Bridal Style, I would like to introduce you to Nymphi, a new bridal collection from Greece which is soon to launch in the UK. ‘The collection will include, veils, floral head pieces, sashes, cuffs, collars and shoulder pieces, Nymphi’s bridal collection has much to offer. With a range of look defining, statement pieces and a variety… Read more »

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