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Welcome along to another edition of Boho Pins, where I delve into my pinterest board collection and choose one to share with you. If you’re planning a wedding then pinterest is the perfect visual planning tool. Fantastic for putting ideas together and keeping all your ideas organised! You can find me here pinterest.com/bohoweddings and I update my boards on a daily basis!

Today I am looking at Veils. There are so many decisions when choosing your wedding outfit, once your dress has been chosen the next part is to finish it off with a veil, but which one will you choose? with so much choice these days and so many different styles it can be hard to know which one to pick. But a veil can really add a sense of style to your wedding day. A Blusher veil, or birdcage veil can work perfectly for a 50s style wedding dress, while a Bouffant works for a 60s style dress. There are different lengths from flyaway, shoulder,  elbow, fingertip, ballerina, chapel to cathedral. If you are looking for something with more detail then a Mantilla may be for you with the lace detailing around the edge and if you are looking to go for a full Boho look then the cape veil may be for you.  When I got married I did’t wear a veil, simply because I was getting married abroad I didn’t want any extra material around me, due to the heat. However if I had a full wedding in the UK I’m sure I would have had one. I’d love to know what you are planning for your big day, are you having a veil and if so which sort? and if your not why have you chosen not to?  You can see my full Veils pinterest board HERE.

boho pins - veils

Photo source: Birdcage veil,  black and white Mantilla,  knotted veil,  veil with bow,  couple sitting on wall,  veil blowing in the wind,  long cape veil,  black and white naked bride,  veil with flower crown,  Bouffant veil,  Mantilla lace edged,  black and white full head veil,  veil with bag and flowers, full face birdcage.


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