Bridal Style: Debbie Carlisle - The Secret Garden Collection

Bridal Style: Debbie Carlisle – The Secret Garden Collection

I have an afternoon post FULL of gorgeous wedding pretty today, courtesy of my good freind Debbie Carlisle and her new accessory collection, ‘ The Secret Garden’. Debbie and I started out in the wedding industry at the same time and we have been good friends since. It has been wonderful following her progression and seeing how much her… Read more »

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Boho Loves – The Adagio Bridal Accessories Collection by Debbie Carlisle

  Today I have something very special for you, as I’d like to introduce you to the new accessories collection from Debbie Carlisle. As you know Debbie is good friend of mine, so I am so proud to be able to share this STUNNING new designs with you all. It has been wonderful watching Debbies… Read more »

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Vintage Glamour Crystal Brooch Bouquet - £975

Bridal Style: Debbie Carlisle’s Vintage Brooch Bouquets in Partnership with Crystal Bridal Accessories

For regular readers of the blog you will know that I am a BIG fan of Debbie Carlisle Bouquets. She makes THE most Gorgeous vintage broach bouquets as well as a stunning Bridal Accessories range, including head pieces, combs, and cuffs! Now Debbie can add a new string to her bow as she has just introduced a brand new range of designs to… Read more »



Debbie Carlisle

Bridal Style: ‘Divine Deco and Floral Fantasy’ The 2013 Accessories Collection by Debbie Carlisle

For regulars to the Blog you will know that I am a MASSIVE fan of Debbie Carlisle, not only does she make THE most beautiful vintage inspired crystal bouquets but she also makes the most stunning accessories in the form of headbands, hair clips, cuffs, sashes and garters. As well as that Debbie is local to me here in Sheffield and is a good friend of… Read more »

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out with the gilrs

365 Happiness Project: Day 162

Today I am happy because I have been out with my girls Lucy Ledger and Debbie Carlisle. Every few weeks, me Lucy and Debbie get together to have a good catch up, gossip and chat about the wedding world amongst a load of other things. It doesn’t matter how early we meet it never sseem like long enough as we all have so much to… Read more »



Debbie Carlisle

Bridal Style: Debbie Carlisle’s new bridesmaid accessory range full of glamour and sparkle

I have a real treat for you today, something for all you lovers of glamour, sparkle and shiny things! courtesy of Debbie Carlisle. Debbie is a good friend of mine, she designs the most beautiful vintage inspired bouquets  as well as an amazing range of accessories which I featured back in October when it was first launched…. Read more »



365 Happiness Project: Day 12

Today I received my tickets for The 2012 Wedding Industry Awards, along with my pin for being a regional winner, this made me very happy and very proud that after 2 years of being in business I have already won such a prestigious award!   I also got to break away from the office for a couple of… Read more »