1920’s Photo shoot update……the dress!

I told you all just before Christmas about a photography project that I’m involved in (read here for more details )
I am so excited as I am going to be playing dress up again and being photographed by the amazing Assassynation Not only that but I am having a dress made for me by the incredibly talented Liliia Designs especially for the shoot! (I feel very special!!)

So a couple of weeks ago I went down to the Cotswold’s to meet with Vikki the lovely lady behind the dress for a dress fitting. I was a little concerned that the dress would be to small for me (my diet hasn’t really been going so well recently) but I had nothing to worry about. Vikki had made not only a perfectly fitted dress, but what I can only describe as a work of art!

I took some pictures while I was there……just enough for you to get an idea of what we are doing, but not enough to give the whole thing away!

boho wedding blog

boho wedding blog boho wedding blog boho wedding blog boho wedding blog

Vikki has done such an amazing job, i can’t tell you how much hand embroidery there is in the dress, the actual design is quite simple, but it’s all the other bits she is adding to it that i am so impressed with!

The shoot is going to be on Saturday 5th March (my Birthday weekend) and we are off to Blackpool to stand on a cold and windy beach……it’s a 1920s theme but that is all I can tell you for now!………………watch this space!!

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    Andrea Pittam

    This dress looks amazing. I particularly love peacock feathers, they are so stylish. I’ve had a look around Lilia’s website, her dresses are gorgeous. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished dress and images from the shoot x


    I can’t wait to see this shoot! I have these lovely ladies on board for my wedding day :)


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