Diary of a Boho Bride – Kate and Andy, Entry 4: Changes Are Occurring!

diary of a boho bride

Its’ Friday afternoon, which meens it’s time to hear from one of our Boho Brides and this week it’s the turn of Kate. Last time Kate was telling us all about her hunt for the perfect bridesmaid dress. Today she has a bit of an update for us on the subject as well as a few things that have changed within the wedding planning. Planning a wedding can be hard, as I’m sure you are all finding out. You may start of with one plan, but situations may mean that your plans change, as Kate has found out. The best thing to do when planning a wedding is be open minded and ready to be flexible. What you want may not be what your partner wants and remember there are two people getting married. Compromise is the key word, not only for the planning stages but for the marriage itself!

Kate & Andy main photo

I’ll pass the blog over to Kate………

With the ‘six-month-to-go’ mark now been and gone, you’d think we’d have most things decided on, but no. Well, I had most things decided on but, unfortunately, my husband-to-be is not a ‘plan-in-advance’ kind of person and so has really only just started thinking about what he actually wants from our wedding!

I can’t deny it, it has caused some fairly heated discussions (but let’s admit it, wedding preparation wouldn’t be the same without one or two disagreements right?!), but at the end of it all, and after a good chat with my Mum, I realised that without Andy there won’t even be a wedding, so my main priority is making sure that he isn’t getting stressed by the cost of everything (which is the main cause of the ‘discussions’!).


So, changes are occurring!

One thing that we’ve done to reduce costs slightly is to ask a few people to come alone, and their husbands are invited to the evening do. I know this is very untraditional, and not something I ever thought I would do, but in our case, the people we have asked to do this are my ‘mumfriends’ – other mums that I see virtually every day on the school run, or at our children’s parties etc. These are people that I feel very close to – after all, they are the ones that hear most about my wedding, day in day out (poor souls!), but Andy and I as a couple are not close to them and their husbands, so it seems logical to only invite ‘the mums’. They are all good friends with each other and, to be honest, will enjoy the girly time just as much I am sure! (Oh and they have all been fine about it too – phew!)

The other big change is in the catering. Our initial costs were around £2500 for 60 people (which I didn’t think was too bad!), but after considering lots of different options we have managed to reduce this to a mere £1000. How? Well basically, there will be no hot food, and no one to serve it. We’re having what we are calling a ‘posh picnic’, and if you see the photos of other weddings that have done this, you’ll see that it can look just as stunning.

picnic ideas

Photo Source: Knives & forks ( Photo by  Liz Banfield) / Table with cloth (Photo by Fanni Williams) / Food conatiners / Picnic tables (photo by Jarusha)

The food will consist of a meze board with roasted veggies and dips, alongside cheeses and crusty breads, then a variety of delicious home-made salads, quiches and Melton Mowbray pork pies. All of these will be in either brown boxes or wrapped in brown paper with string, and put into a picnic basket to be placed at the side of each picnic table to serve six people. When we all sit down, the food comes out and everyone tucks in! Might even throw in a bag of kettle chips too, if they’re lucky!

I’ve hired picnic tables (which obviously includes the seats – bargain!) and I will still decorate them with crocheted doilies and jars of flowers, and make them look ultra pretty!
In line with the picnic theme, I’ve also sourced some fabulous bio-degradable palm-leaf plates from www.littlecherry.co.uk. The sample pack arrived this morning and I’m loving them! The napkins, although paper, are oh so pretty too, don’t you agree? And the beauty of this is, no washing up afterwards! Result.

Palm leaf bio-degradable plates and cutlery from littlecherry.co.uk

So all-in-all, I am really enjoying planning a picnic wedding, and Andy is enjoying the fact that it costs less than half of what it originally did! Two happy faces – finally! It also fits very nicely with our ethos of a chilled out wedding – nothing too formal and stuffy, just lots of people tucking into lovely food, drinking wine and enjoying the day!

I’d love to hear what you think about: a) inviting only one person, without their partner; and b) picnic weddings. Please tell me your thoughts, and of course any more ideas are always welcomed! 

P.S. Update on my last blog post concerning bridesmaid dresses – we now have them! My chief bridesmaid Jo just happened to pop into the Monsoon Outlet store near us and found the most perfect dress, and bang on budget too (£50). Here’s pics of Jo and Faye looking stunning in the dress don’t you think?! (My third bridesmaid didn’t send me a pic but gave the thumbs up too.) Yippee!

Bridesmaid dress


All the best, and a very happy new year, I’m off to make my invitations now… (next blog post perhaps?!)

Kate x



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    Your picnic meal sounds amazing!! And I’m loving the bowls ( and the napkin ;) ) It’s certainly different and that will be remembered for a long time, definitely a great decision :)
    And in regards to inviting husbands to the evening, well it’s your wedding and as long as they all understand why you have to keep the numbers down (and it sounds like they do) then they definitely won’t mind. And from experience men don’t enjoy a wedding half as much as us women do anyway ;)

    Have fun making your invites! xx


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