Meet the New Boho Brides – Kate and Andy

diary of a boho bride

Kate Harrison and Andy Campbell

Date: 12 July 2014

Location: Manor House, Saxby, Leicestershire

Colour Scheme: Turquoise-green tonal range combined with the dusty pinks and coral with a more minty green 

Kate & Andy

‘A rustic and relaxed outdoor wedding, full of handmade loveliness’ 

Andy and I went on our first date 11 years ago, but we had known each other for about 4 years before that. Andy had a band that needed a drummer for a tour in Germany – my brother was that drummer. They were then housemates in Leeds for a number of years so we saw each other in passing whenever I visited my brother. It wasn’t until I actually moved to Leeds that there was obviously some attraction between us. My brother says he knew before we did!

There’s a Shakespearian quote that really resonates with us because we both remember a moment that it reminds us of:

‘When I saw you
I fell in love, and
you smiled
because you knew.’

Little did Andy realise that in the search for a drummer, he’d also find his wife-to-be!
So why has it taken us so long to get married? Well it took us 3 years to even move in together – not for any particular reason, but we both already had houses of our own. We then had 3 years before  the two of us became three and our first daughter arrived, Esther, now 5, and then Ivy was born 2 years later. Having children definitely gets in the way of marriage, but we didn’t mind. I always knew we’d get married one day, and waiting just meant that I could really hone in on the style of wedding I would want! I didn’t want the girls to be too young (they’ll be 4 and 6 when we get married) as I want them to enjoy the wedding properly, and hopefully remember it too! And we have ready-made bridesmaids eager to wear a ‘pretty dress’ in what they are calling ‘our wedding’!

The Proposal

Andy proposed to me on Christmas Day last year. It was completely unexpected. Picture the scene: me (in my PJs, no make-up!), surrounded by kids toys and wrapping paper, our two girls running round in their pants. I had just opened my present – an iPad (which was shock no. 1) – when Andy bends down on one knee. If I could recall everything he said, I would, but it is all a bit of a blur (proposal = shock no.2!). All I remember is that it was lovely. And of course, I cried. Esther brought me a tissue and Ivy consoled me, thinking I was upset! You could give me all the romantic proposals in far off lands as the sun sets over the ocean but, for me, Andy’s proposal was perfect.

And then started my new obsession… wedding planning!

I always knew I would love planning my wedding, but it really is addictive! Pinterest is undoubtedly the best thing ever for getting ideas, and all the great wedding blogs (Boho-Weddings being top of the list of course) really help with those voyeuristic, down-right nosey tendencies that all brides have when looking at other weddings.

The Wedding

So what kind of wedding will it be?
It will be a wedding jam-packed with handmade loveliness because I love to make things, and always have. ‘Cutting and sticking’ was always my favourite pastime as a child. I now run my own business with my best friend making handmade gifts, so there should be lots of opportunities for the DIY-Bride within me to realise my crafty ideas! We’ll be making vintage-inspired clutch bags for my bridesmaids and all the favours too. I might even rope my mum in to help make the napkins!
There will definitely be a hint of vintage to the styling of our big day – I’m collecting jars and old tins for the flowers (which we’ll be doing ourselves!), I love doilies and lace and I’ve already bought some chintzy lampshades to hang up alongside homemade tissue pompoms!
Overall, it will have a rustic feel, and a relaxed (hopefully outdoor!) ceremony, with some tasty food, lawn games, a band and a whole lotta dancing! Oh and there will be music throughout the day, from various friends and relatives. Andy is a musician (it used to be his ‘job’ but now it is his hobby), so he is currently deciding on whether he would want to play at his own wedding or not! I’m voting yes, but we’ll have to see!

And finally, I should mention our venue. It is the childhood home of one of my bridesmaids, Faye, and it is stunning. There are numerous bronze sculptures – all the work of her Mum and Dad – and the beautiful gardens are a real showcase for how amazing the sculptures are. Faye had her wedding there and Andy and I have enjoyed many a great party there, so it has a special meaning to us as well.

There really is so much else I could tell you, but I need to save it for the blogs that will follow! I am so looking forward to sharing my experiences/dilemmas/dramas/decisions/craft tips and all things creative and wedding-y – I hope you find it interesting, entertaining, and may be inspirational too. Most of all, I hope you enjoy hearing about my wedding as much as I am enjoying planning it.

With love from
Kate x

Kate and Andy

Photo Source: Cake table (Natalie Shelton) / Order of service / Flowers in vase / Table decoration  (Erika Delgado Photography)/ Clutch bags (Kristin Vining) / Soda and beer (Cassilynn Post Photography) / Hanging lamp shades / Giant jenga / Table with vases (Jeanna Hayes) / Turquoise vases (Photography Marianne Taylor)


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