Christmas DIY Tutorial: Eco Friendly Christmas Crackers

With just over one week to go before Christmas we are going BIG on the Christmas features for the next few days. As you may know I adore Christmas I really do love everything abut it, so I am SO happy to be brining you a big dose of Christmas here on the blog! On Monday I shared with you this DIY Christmas Table Arrangement  which would be perfect for any Christmas wedding of simply for your Christmas table at home. This afternoon I have another fabulous DIY to share with you. Christmas crackers are such a lovely thing to have around the table on Christmas day BUT with so many reports abut Christmas wrapping paper and crackers being bad for the environment due to their plastic toys and non recyclable paper, I thought it would be good to share with you an Eco friendly version. These crackers are fully recyclable and easy to make. By adding a name to them they make a fabulous place setting idea, either for a wedding or for Christmas day. Big thanks to Laura for her DIY expertise on this one.

Eco Friendly Christmas Crackers

You will need

Eco Friendly Christmas Crackers
  • Cracker snaps (you can buy them in bulk for dirt cheap on Amazon)
  • Cracker Fillers (Mine included personalised gifts, a riddle and a hefty amount of confetti)

STEP 1) Take the cardboard tube and lightly tape the snap in the middle, so that it sticks out the same amount at each end.

Cracker Place Settings (5)

STEP 2) Wrap the tube in a piece of wrapping or tissue paper, and secure with some more tape or glue.

Cracker Place Settings (6)

STEP 3) Pinch one end of the paper in and secure with ribbon or string.

Cracker Place Settings (7)

STEP 4) Into the open end, drop your fillers, confetti or favours.

STEP 5) Tie this end up too.

Cracker Place Settings (8)

STEP 6) Adorn your cracker with a name tag or other decoration. Mine are simply a piece of card with a hole punched in with twine attached, but you could use a fancy gift tag, luggage label or printed card.

Eco Friendly Christmas Crackers

STEP 7) Place on your guest’s plate and watch their delight when the confetti showers over them when the cracker is pulled!

Eco Friendly Christmas Crackers


Merry Christmas Boho readers!



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    The Wedding Parcel

    Useful blog, it’s good to see clear step by step photos from start to finish. Love the end product too, will be keeping me busy this Christmas, so thanks :D


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