Ask The Experts: Guide to Honeymoons in Bordeaux

For couples who love wine, Bordeaux is the perfect destination for a honeymoon. But beyond its world-famous wine, it is also known for its romantic ambience and charming architecture. Aside from enjoying wine tours in famous vineyards, you can indulge in gourmet dining and walk hand in hand along the historic city’s beautiful streets and squares.

Here’s your guide to honeymoons in Bordeaux.

Guide to Honeymoons in Bordeaux

Guide to Honeymoons in Bordeaux

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The Best Time to Visit Bordeaux  

The best time to visit Bordeaux for a honeymoon is typically during the late spring (May-June) or early fall (September-October) when the weather is mild, and the vineyards are at their best. During these months, temperatures are comfortable for exploring the city’s charming streets, indulging in wine tastings at renowned chateaux, and enjoying romantic strolls along the Garonne River.

Spring brings blooming flowers, while fall offers the spectacle of the grape harvest, known as the vendange, creating a vibrant atmosphere in the wine region. If you don’t want the crowds, avoid the peak summer months. The peak summer season also means higher accommodation prices.

For a truly romantic experience, consider timing your visit to coincide with one of Bordeaux’s cultural events or festivals, such as the Bordeaux Wine Festival in June or the Bordeaux Fete le Vin, held every two years.

Guide to Honeymoons in Bordeaux

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The Best Places to Visit in Bordeaux       

Bordeaux is synonymous with romance and wine, so it’s not a surprise that it’s considered one of the world’s top destinations for a honeymoon. If you need help with your itinerary, here’s a list of places to visit in Bordeaux:

  • Place de la Bourse – Marvel at the grandeur of this iconic square, which looks even more breath taking when illuminated at night. Don’t miss the enchanting Water Mirror, perfect for romantic reflections.
  • Old Town – Lose yourselves in the cobblestone streets of Bordeaux’s historic heart, adorned with elegant 18th-century architecture and charming cafés.
  • Saint-Andre Cathedral – Admire the stunning Gothic architecture of this cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and climb its bell tower for panoramic vistas of Bordeaux.
  • Garonne River – Take a romantic stroll along the picturesque riverbanks or enjoy a relaxing boat cruise at sunset, soaking in panoramic views of the city’s skyline.
  • La Cite du Vin – Dive into the world of wine at this immersive cultural centre, offering interactive exhibits, tastings, and panoramic views from its observation deck.
  • Saint-Emilion – Venture into the nearby wine region of Saint-Emilion, a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its medieval architecture, vineyards, and underground catacombs.
  • Quartier des Chartrons – Explore Bordeaux’s chicest neighbourhood, filled with art galleries, antique shops, and trendy wine bars housed in former warehouses.
  • Cap Ferret – Escape to the nearby Atlantic coast for a day trip to Cap Ferret, a charming seaside resort known for its pristine beaches, oyster shacks, and breathtaking dune landscapes.
Guide to Honeymoons in Bordeaux

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The Best Things to Do in Bordeaux

Renowned for its rich wine heritage, Bordeaux will delight honeymooners with its romantic activities and experiences. Here are some of the best things to do in Bordeaux:

  • Indulge in world-class wine – No visit to Bordeaux would be complete without indulging in its world-class wine culture. There are some excellent wine tastings and tours at prestigious chateaux in the nearby wine regions of Medoc, Saint-Emilion, or Pessac-Leognan. Sample the region’s finest reds, whites, and rosés while learning about winemaking from wine experts.
  • Explore the heart of the city – stroll hand in hand in the historic heart of Bordeaux, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Wander through the cobblestone streets of the old town, admiring architectural gems like the majestic Bordeaux Cathedral and the stunning Place de la Bourse.
  • Immerse in the local culture – visit the CAPC Museum of Contemporary Art housed in a former warehouse or catch a performance at the majestic Grand Theatre. Take a relaxing stroll along the picturesque Garonne River or embark on a romantic boat cruise at sunset.
  • Discover the local culinary scene – dine at traditional bistros, sample regional specialities like caneles and duck confit, and browse bustling food markets like the Marché des Capucins.
Guide to Honeymoons in Bordeaux

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Where to Eat and Drink in Bordeaux       

Experience Bordeaux’s thriving culinary scene by dining at Michelin-starred restaurants, traditional bistros, and cosy wine bars, savouring the region’s gourmet delights. Here’s where to eat and drink in Bordeaux:

  • L’Intendant – wine lovers shouldn’t miss this wine shop and tasting bar housed in a former wine merchant’s mansion, offering an impressive selection of Bordeaux wines by the glass.
  • La Tupina – experience traditional Gascon cuisine at its finest in this rustic yet charming eatery, known for its hearty dishes like confit duck and grilled meats cooked over an open fire.
  • Le Chapon Fin – this historic restaurant, dating back to 1825, is renowned for its refined French cuisine and elegant Belle Epoque decor, making it perfect for a romantic dinner.
  • Marche des Capucins – immerse yourself in the local food culture at Bordeaux’s largest market, where you can sample fresh oysters, artisanal cheeses, and other gourmet delights.
  • Le Bar a Vin – operated by the Bordeaux Wine Council, Le Bar a Vin has a rotating selection of wines from across the region, allowing you to sample and discover new favourites.
Guide to Honeymoons in Bordeaux

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What to Pack for Bordeaux                      

To ensure you pack all the essentials for your honeymoon in Bordeaux, refer to this list for your guide:

  • Smart Casual Attire – for dining out and wine tours.
  • Layers – lightweight sweaters and cardigans for cool evenings.
  • Comfortable Walking Shoes – for exploring the city and vineyards.
  • Sun Protection – hats and sunglasses for sunny days.
  • Daypack or Tote – for daily excursions and carrying essentials.
  • Reusable Water Bottle – to stay hydrated while exploring.
  • Camera or Smartphone – to capture memories.
  • Portable Charger – to keep devices powered on the go.
  • Travel Documents – passports, travel insurance, and copies of reservations.
  • Toiletries – travel-sized essentials, including sunscreen and moisturizer.
  • Medications – any personal medications and a basic first aid kit.


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