DIY Tutorial: Personalised Mugs

DIY Tutorial

Today’s DIY Tutorial comes from the very lovely Lauren from Flat Broke Bride. Lauren is the queen of DIY and has been a regular on the Blog for quite some time now. Today’s DIY Tutorial is pretty simple, You only need 3 items, it’s cheep and it doesn’t take to long to do, so everyone’s a winner!

DIY Tutorial: Personalised Mugs


I’ll pass the Blog over to Luren…………..

If you are like me, I tend to be a last minute shopper, (the kind who buys gifts the day before a holiday). So I thought I’d send a last-minute DIY gift your way that takes about an hour (tops) and is a really cute personalized gift. I saw this one on Pinterest of course!

Not only does this take a short time to put together, it also won’t cost you more than around $5! Can’t beat that!

DIY Tutorial: Personalised Mugs DIY Tutorial: Personalised Mugs
  • It has to be a sharpie, I figured it out the hard way, nothing else will stay


Step 1) First draw whatever you want on it but with pencil. Careful that you don’t wipe it all off, drawing on ceramic with pencil is difficult but it’s better to do a dry run with pencil than the sharpie!

DIY Tutorial: Personalised Mugs


Step 2) After that, trace and fill in your creation with the sharpie. Make sure to try and have a steady hand!

DIY Tutorial: Personalised Mugs


Step 3) Now pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees and put your mug in on a cookie sheet. Bake the mugs for 30 minutes, turn off the oven and let the mugs sit in the cooling oven for 24hrs. And that is all! You’re all done!

DIY Tutorial: Personalised Mugs


The cutest, most fun DIY, it only takes an hour and costs $5! How much more perfect can a gift get! I hope my honey loves these!

DIY Tutorial: Personalised Mugs



To see more of her posts you can read Lauren’s blog here:

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