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Today’s DIY Tutorial comes from the very lovely Lauren from Flat Broke Bride. Lauren is going to be showing us how to make Love Quotes to hang around your wedding venue. Lauren is currently planning her own wedding and has become a DIY expert in the process.

These love quotes are a fab idea and can be re-used after the wedding day as decoration around your house or apartment, they could also be given away as gifts to your wedding party. What you put on them is totally up to you, the possibilities are endless!

love quotes


I’ll pass the blog over to Lauren………….

I’ve been looking at decoration for the reception venue for my wedding. In the barn, on the downstairs back wall, I want to create a ribbon wall and intersperse some artwork I’ve been working on. Since most of the wedding is centered around famous love stories, I decided to hang up love quotes from some great novels.

Love Quotes - you will need Love Quotes - you will need

Step 1) The first thing to do is slather glue all over your canvas (or on your book pages).  You may have to use something other than a glue stick…turns out that even though they said that you could use it on fabric, they lied. I had to switch it up to Tacky Glue to help keep the pages glued down.

DIY Tutorial - Love Quotes


Step 2) With the size of my canvas being what it was, I had to cut extra pieces out of the book to make it all fit. Since you are sort of going for a textured look anyway, feel free to put down your pages however you want. I chose to be neat, but you can go really textured and rip all your book pages into tiny pieces if you wanted.

DIY Tutorial - Love Quotes


Step 3) Next it’s time to lay down your vinyl letters. Make sure to spell everything correctly! I chose a quote from Emily Brontë’s book “Wuthering Heights.” Admittedly a tumultuous and tragic book, but a beautiful quote all the same. I didn’t worry about the letters being straight because I wanted it to look “not perfect,” it fits our theme better that way.

DIY Tutorial - Love Quotes


Step 4)  Now you can paint over the whole canvas. I chose to really paint everything, leaving no holes, so everything was completely blue. In hindsight, I think maybe I should have made it a little more rustic with a lighter coat of paint, and some book pages showing. This, of course, is all up to you, but it’s another option to consider.

DIY Tutorial - Love Quotes DIY Tutorial - Love Quotes


Step 5) Once you’re done painting you let it dry. So go! Walk the dog, take a nap, do different wedding DIY projects while you are waiting, but UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, should you go to the next step before your paint is totally dry. Disaster will ensue.  Are you sure it’s dry? Alright, we can move on.

Slowly, very slowly and carefully, peel off your vinyl letters. Some of the book page may peel with it, but that can’t be helped; it never looked bad though. When you are peeling your letters off, some of the paint might want to come with it, but as long as you are going slowly, you can usually prevent that.

DIY Tutorial - Love Quotes


Step 6) Once you have all your letters off, grab your Mod Podge and go to town! Once the whole thing is given a healthy coat of Mod Podge to seal it, you are all done!    To hang it with the ribbons, I’ll attach a saw tooth hanger to the bottom and top, thread the ribbon, tie a knot, thread again through the bottom, tie a knot, then let it hang to the floor. This should give the appearance of it floating on the ribbon.

DIY Tutorial - Love Quotes


Step 7) Your finished……..now leave in a cat free zone!

love quotes


Thanks so much to Lauren for this fab DIY Tutorial. Pop back in a few weeks time when Lauren brings us anew tutorial from her upcoming wedding.

To see more of her posts you can read Lauren’s blog here:
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‘I’m broke and planning a wedding! My fiance and I met about a year ago. He is the perfect man for me and I can’t wait to marry him, but it is so difficult to plan the wedding of your dreams on a teeny-tiny budget! However, I refuse to go into serious debt for the wedding. This is not the time to be in debt, especially when you are young and still paying off college loans. I started my blog, Flat Broke Bride, to show how to achieve the wedding of your dreams on a tight budget. I offer lots of DIY tutorials as well as some great inspiration pictures. This is my first (and hopefully only) time planning a wedding, so check out the site and come along as I feverishly plan away!’


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