The 2012 Boho Blog Readers Survey – The Results.

Today is a very exciting day for me, not only because Mr Obama has been re-elected as President of the United States but also I get to share with you the results of the readers survey.

I launched the Survey in September to find out from you the readers of the blog more about you, what you like about the blog, what you don’t like, and more about your own weddings. The results have been very interesting to collate and are coming in very useful in the re-design of the Blog, as well helping me decide what features will stay and what will go.

Along with the survey I ran a competition to win a host of wedding prizes that had been kindly donated from lots of lovely wedding suppliers……You can see the full list of prizes HERE 
The lucky winner of the prize draw is Luisa Hinchliff  from London who has now received her prize hamper and had this to say

‘Thank you so so much, This is so amazing – thank you thank you. I really enjoy popping on your blog, so I’m glad the reader’s survey is helping you find what your readers want.
The prizes are so fab, thank you thank you!
I’ll continue enjoying the blog for some time yet!
Thanks and thanks again


My Good Friend Lucy Ledger has put together some super cute graphics to summarize the results, I hope you find it interesting…………..


Boho Blog Readers Survey



Boho Blog Readers Survey

Boho Blog Readers Survey Boho Blog Readers Survey Boho Blog Readers Survey Boho Blog Readers Survey



Boho Blog Readers Survey Boho Blog Readers Survey Boho Blog Readers Survey Boho Blog Readers Survey



Boho Blog Readers Survey Boho Blog Readers Survey Blog Readers Survey the results Blog Readers Survey the results Blog Readers Survey the results Blog Readers Survey the results Blog Readers Survey the results Blog Readers Survey the results Blog Readers Survey the results Blog Readers Survey the results Blog Readers Survey the results



Blog Readers Survey the results Blog Readers Survey the results Blog Readers Survey the results Blog Readers Survey the results Blog Readers Survey the results Blog Readers Survey the results Blog Readers Survey the results Blog Readers Survey the results



So what have I learnt? and what will I be changing?

I asked you………and you replied

 Q) How I can make the blog better Overall ?

1) Spelling and Grammar
Being mildly dyslexic doesn’t help this but I am honestly doing my best! My Husband Nik now has a new job of proof reader and for the last few weeks has been proofreading every post I write. Well nearly every post, sometimes it’s impossible for him to do so as I may put together a post last-minute when he isn’t around. On the whole though he will be paying more attention to my bad spelling from now on.

2) Layout
You asked for the layout to be less cluttered so this is being addressed in the redesign. I will be making the front page more about the Blog and less about all the other bits and bobs on the sides, basically cleaner and tidier with a better navigation system to find stuff.

3) Colours
The colours will become softer and more girly……the graphics above should be a BIG hint on this!

4) Images
The images will be made bigger as the whole blog becomes wider, so bigger pictures for you to look at.



So there you go, I hope you have found the results interesting? and if you were one of the many people who filled in the Survey THANK YOU! I really mean that! Your feedback has been invaluable.

If you have any further thoughts on the results or any matter to do with the blog then do email me at [email protected]  OR leave a comment in the box below.

Big Boho Love
Kelly xx


MASSIVE thanks to Lucy Ledger for the fab graphics, you can find out more about Lucy’s work here:
[email protected]


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    This is really interesting – especially to see how I fit in with your readers’ demographics. I’m interested in the fact so many people are paying under £500 for their dress!

    Allison Kirsop

    Great survey of your readers and well worth the effort based on your results. Everything that helps us get information out there to our brides-to-be is valuable. Hope the blog goes from strength to strength. Well Done! x Allison

    dirk van der werff

    Excellent information and feedback for your business .. and beautifully illustrated too …
    Nice to see that the majority of brides-to-be are spending between £1200 – £2000 on their wedding photography .. it is so important, just as much for my brides and grooms, many of whom HATE having their photographs taken normally!

    Kelly {WWW} Real Bride

    To be honest I find it quite unfair that spelling and grammar was commented on, a blog is extremely personal and a part of who the writer is, I know your dyslexic and so it doesn’t bother me one bit. It makes me think those readers haven’t taken the time to find out about you. In a rants mood today haha. Fabulous graphics by the awesome Lucy as per usual.xxx


    Thanks Kelly, to be honest being dyslexic the spelling issue did upset me a bit, BUT quite a few people commented on it, so I felt I needed to do something about it. Ni will proof read as much as he can, (although he hasn’t read through this post, as he is at work) fingers crossed the spelling gets better!

    Amy, Vintage Styler

    Really really useful information, and very suprised at a lot of it! I’m also very interested about the dress costs and also that people don’t seem to like styled shoots! Thanks Kelly for doing this! x


    Thank Amy, and yes the Styled shoots are being ditched, as are the engagement shoots!

    New features coming soon to replace them!


    Great survey and thank you for sharing the results. Very interesting to see what brides-to-be are doing for their weddings.

    debs ivelja

    Kelly this is such a fab survey and I think that some of the charts causing debate are really positive. I am not shocked by the photography or dress results at all, in fact I think they are great. Over 50% of couples are willing to pay onwards of £1000 for their photography… this is phenomenal given that nearly 70% of those spoken to are paying less than £15K for their wedding.
    Given magazines have been advising the £700 mark for so long now, this is a big leap forward statistically.

    The dress results are great too, 61.6% of brides are paying over £800 for their dress. This is a huge chunk of the above budget and in todays world of Etsy, Ebay, Vintage and dodgy Asia made dresses, I think that is pretty good surely?

    I am also keeping in mind that only around 6 or 7% of the survey submissions are London based, so these numbers are not being driven by silly London wages either which is fabulous and a good solid national reflection.

    Debs x


    yes Debs when you put it that way the results are quite refreshing! and show that people are thinking about the budget more!


    This is really interesting! It also reassures me that we are not paying crazy money for our wedding. As the trend seems to be for total diy, low cost weddings (which are fab if that’s what is best for you) I have felt like some people frown upon what we are spending so it’s nice to see we’re in the average category!

    Catherine Kerr of eyecapture wedding photography

    It’s so good that you did this & also shows you care. When it’s obvious that you put such huuuge effort into your fab blog, I was sad to hear that spelling came up. Perhaps a lot of readers do not know that you are dyslexic ( I myself did not know till it was mentioned at the BUN event in June) so they made an uninformed judgement on this relatively minor part in relation to all the really good and genuine stuff that you do on this blog. Go Kelly, x

    Catherine Kerr of eyecapture wedding photography

    Oh yes, I meant to add that when you consider that the photographs will last longer than most other wedding ‘stuff’ (!) , I do think that good, personal photographs give great value & pleasure for those at the wedding. Each to their own though – it’s up to you what you decide to spend your money on.


    Thanks for this post. It was a real eye-opener and the graphics are brilliant. I’ve learnt alot from it myself too. Even though my readers are 40plus brides. Keep up the good work Kelly. Fab Blog
    Janet (Beautilicious40Bride) x


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