The new Look Boho Blog AND the results to the readers survey!

Hello and welcome to the new look BohoBlog! After conducting the readers survey, I have taken all the data and analysed it to bring you a new look Blog. I have got rid of a few bits but added in some new things that you felt were missing.

I know what you’re saying, ‘It doesn’t look any different!’ well over the last few weeks I have been making subtle changes here and there and implementing them as I go along. BUT the main difference is the way you navigate your way round the blog and find the articles you are looking for.

I have spent the last 2 weeks re categorizing every post so they fit along the top newly designed navigation bar (look above and you will see it) The old nav bar has gone, with its single pages and has been replaced by a new drop down navigation bar which has its own categories and sub categories, so making it easier to use the blog, to look for suppliers, or to search for new ideas and inspiration.

The Boho Wedding Blog

As well as the new navigation bar, I have added in a new Features section on the right hand side. This is where you will find all the regular features, as well as some brand new ones! again making it easier to find your way around the blog.

The Boho Wedding Blog

New features include:

  • Lots more real weddings – I will be posting 5 a week now, instead of the normal 2, so one every morning, Monday to Friday
  • Diary of a Boho Bride – It seems from my research that you love to hear about other brides planning stories, so I have chosen 3 of my very own Boho Brides, couples who I am currently working on their 2012 weddings and I will be sharing with you there planning stories. You will get to meet all three of them this Wednesday.
  • Boho’s best Bits – Every Sunday I will be bringing you the best bits I have found in the wedding world across the internet, this replaces Sundays Fabulous Photo.
  • Boho Loves – This can be a supplier, an idea, a venue……anything I see across the wedding world that I really Love
  • Show and Tell – aimed at suppliers, this is where a photographer, a stationery supplier, anyone really gets a chance to show us through their work/portfolio
  • Wedding Planning – There will be lost more wedding planning advice as this is something you really wanted to see more of
  • Saturday cinema – will be upped to two featured presentations each Saturday, instead of the current one, an AM viewing and a PM viewing
  • Bridal Style – Lots more on bridal designer’s make up, hair  and styling
  • DIY – This is the main thing you all wanted to see more of,  so I will be bringing you more DIY ideas, tutorials, mood boards and step by step guides
  • Competitions and exclusive offers – you wanted to see lots more exclusive offers and competitions, so this is what you’re going to get. the first completion starting next monday

Phew………so as you can see I’m going to be a very busy blogger getting all this new content ready for you. Because of this I will be blogging twice a day, which means I get more chance to share with you more real weddings, more amazing suppliers, more wedding inspiration and more wedding wonderfulness!

Because of all this if you are a supplier, and feel you have anything that fits in with any of the new items listed above then please get in contact. I will be needing even more real wedding submissions, more expert advice from people, more DIY ideas……….so get in contact [email protected] or go to the Submissions section.

So what will you expect to see each day?

I appreciate that not everyone visits the blog every day, so to give you some idea of what features will be posted when, here is a bit of a schedule for you

  • MondayAM – Real Wedding / PM Competitions or Exclusive Offers
  • TuesdayAM – Real Wedding / PM – DIY or wedding ideas or Inspiration
  • WednesdayAM – Real Wedding / PM – wedding Planning or Diary of a Boho Bride
  • Thursday AM – Real Wedding / PM – Boho Loves or wedding ideas
  • FridayAM – Real Weddings / PM – Bridal Style
  • SaturdayAM – Saturday Cinema/ PM Saturday Cinema
  • Sunday – Boho’s best Bits

So there you have it the new look Blog, and what you can expect to see on a weekly/monthly basis.


boho wedding blog

Now I am really excited to reveal the results fo the Boho Readers Survey. I’d like to say a MASSIVE thank you to Lucy from Lucy Ledger Designs for the amazing graphics….she has managed to turn a rather dull bar chart into something especially pretty!!

I was really surprised with some of the results of the survey, but the results have been put towards creating a blog that is bigger and better and hopefully more of what you want to see.

boho wedding blog boho wedding blog boho wedding blog

(I have to say this one really surprised me as my google analytics tells me that ony half my readership is from the UK with most of the other coming from the US…BUT I think the survey results were reflective of the £4,000 wedding prize on offer that could only be posted in the UK)

boho wedding blog boho wedding blog boho wedding blog boho wedding blog boho wedding blog boho wedding blog boho wedding blog boho wedding blog boho wedding blog boho wedding blog boho wedding blog

So there you have it, the results are out and the new look Blog is up and running.

It’s an exciting time fo me. The blog has been like a baby for me over the last 2 years and its been great seeing it grow and change. I feel that it has come along way and I hope it still has further to go. I’d like to thank you all for your continued support, without you reading it I would just be sitting here typing away to myself!

So do let me know what you think of the changes, and if you want to contribute to the blog do get in touch [email protected] I am especially looking for 1) real weddings 2) DIY ideas and features 3) expert advice from wedding suppliers.

Coming up this afternoon I have a Halloween treat so do come back then.

Big Boho Love
Kelly xxx

Special thanks to www.breezecreativemedia.com for all the help with the technical side of things, I couldn’t have done it all without him

Also to www.lucyledger.com for the gorgeous readers survey graphics.

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    Wow, that has to be the prettiest set of stats I have ever seen!! Looking forward to seeing all the new stuff you have planned :-)

    Elisabetta {Linen & Silk}

    Can I just say – I like your blog, I really, really do. Every time I read it, I find something that I want to print out for future reference. If I carry on like that, I’ll be made responsible for deforestation ;-)
    The stats are really useful and they’ve made me rethink one or two things about my wedding planning career…
    Thank you so much for sharing with us! xxx


    Thank you everyone, I am really proud of it all and yes as you say Lucy has done a fab job. Onwards and Upwards for the blog now! xxx


    Thanks for the lovely comments on the graphics everyone :) I can’t resist turning anything into shabby chicness – even stats!! xxxxxxx


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