Diary of a Bride to be……….Table Planning To Perfection

So the wedding is getting closer and closer for our lovely Bride to be Emma. She is now on week 4 of the run up. This week it’s all about the table planning. We have all been there and it’s not easy………

Table Planning to Perection

Now that we’ve hit the 4 weeks-to-go mark, thoughts have turned to the notoriously most ardous task of any wedding… the table plan. I must admit, its been niggling at me for a while- when you have two families who have barely met, friends from all different walks of life and a barrage of embarrassing acquaintances, the accomplishment of a successful table plan is as crucial the to the smooth running of the day as the registrar showing up.

We began with a discussion on what to call the tables… do we go for straightforward numerical 1, 2, 3 etc, or should we be original and think up something amusing and that has the “cute couple” factor. Seeing as neither my fiancé nor I relished the idea of naming tables after where we met (a dingy nightclub in Manchester) or where we went on our first date (a Mexican fast food chain), we opted for numbers, falsely assuming this was the safe choice. Apparently not. Cue disapproving looks from mothers when we told them Auntie Joan was on Table 7. Add to this the fleeting moments of horror when they realised the table full of giggling cabin crew would be number 3. In a desperate night of brainstorming we decided to eliminate the number status tables and go with the names of places or things we’ll be visiting on honeymoon. Bellagio, Waikiki, Mai Tai and Sin City have so far proved to make everyone feel equal- phew!

Next came the task of cutting out 100 bits of paper, scribbling everyones name down on them and turning the living room rug in to a mock plan of the wedding breakfast room. Not particularly helped by our two three month old kittens interfering with the placements.

It’s literally the worlds hardest jigsaw- trying to make the pieces fit to avoid tables of a) arguments b) drunks and c) stilted conversation. We have so many different groups of people, where exactly would a party girl burlesque dancer and strict Jehovahs Witness go? Not together that’s for sure.. My family are historically non drinkers, my friends most certainly are not. Gaggles of man hungry single girls and the odd possible available man will most certainly lead to displays of female charms, desperate to clinch a last dance partner.

So we’ve decided to play it safe.. team people together based on likes, dislikes and age… whether we are cowards or champion table planners remains to be seen!

Also see pictured our custom made badges as part of the favours! Which incidentally double up as ID badges in case any guests wander off and can’t remember where they’re supposed to be…

To find out more about Emmas journey as a bride to be go to: Emmas Blog

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    I know the table plan dilemma! We’re not getting married until October next year but when we we’re doing the guest list we did a rough table plan at the same time to make sure we weren’t going to have any big issues i.e. inviting 9 Uni friends and having tables of 8 so 1 would have to sit with Granny.

    Good luck!

    PS If you’re talking about the Statham Lodge near Lymm it’s is lush! A big group of go for dinner around Christmas time and some of our best friends were married there!

    Adam @ Toptableplanner

    Giving tables names rather than numbers is usually a good idea. As you quite rightly point out, there will always be someone who thinks they should be at a higher numbered table!

    I actually think the idea of getting the kittens involved in arranging the table plan isn’t a bad one. Introducing a random element could be quite fun! :o)

    That is a very cute photo!


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