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Today I am delighted to start a new feature with you ‘Honeymoon Ideas’. I haven’t featured honeymoons on the blog before and I realise that this is a big part of people’s wedding planning, the honeymoon can be as exciting as the actual wedding itself and definitely a must after all that hard work and stress caused from the wedding itself. So today I am delighted to introduce Exsus Luxury Travel to the Blog as they talk about our first Holiday idea, glamping in Africa.



Sometimes people want to step a little outside of the norm when considering their honeymoon given that it’s a once in a lifetime experience and should definitely be something that will stay with you forever, That’s where the luxury honeymoon specialists at Exsus step in. One of the most unusual and indeed memorable honeymoon experiences that many people are embarking on at the moment is ‘Glamping’ in Africa. If you’re unfamiliar with ‘Glamping’ think camping, but in unrivalled luxury, hot running water, personal chefs – the works!

What’s more it is one of the finest ways of enjoying the gorgeous scenery and sights of an African safari, and it requires a bit of planning and careful consideration. We are going to go over the top 10 tips for an unforgettable glamping safari experience in Africa.


1. Use a Luxury Tour Provider – you can get all of the promises in the world that your needs will be met, but unless a tour provider is truly known for being a luxury company, you are not guaranteed any level of comfort or satisfaction. The trick is to explore the company’s credentials, website, and look at what they have available.

2. Understand the Itineraries – if you see that your “safari” is comprised of day time drives between hotels or back and forth from a city to one reserve after another, it is NOT a safari. Be sure your provider is not pitching you a five day series of day trips from places like Cape Town in South Africa or Mombasa in Kenya.

Glamping in Africa

3. They Go – few glampers want to sit and talk with their tour guide late into the evening. Be sure that the providers give you private time each evening.

4. Demand Options – you can easily be persuaded that you are “glamping” if you see that you get three meals each day, guided services, and a full list of popular locations. What about horseback riding? What about sleeping in real tents? What about riverside camping? Be sure that you are getting some alternative choices.

Glamping in Africa

5. No Set Up – true glamping means never setting up, taking down, cleaning up or worries. Be sure that this is included.

6. What are the Accommodations – one way to really go glamping in Africa is to stay in authentic conditions. For example, a horseback safari in Botswana complete with tents along the Xudum River and delicious camp meals is a true definition of glamping. Driving from Cape Town to a natural park and then back to the city after a fireside dinner is not.

Glamping in Africa

7. Pack Light – the benefit of glamping is that you can pack light. It is not glamping if you have to bring a towel, food, bedding, etc.

8. Seasonal Sights – glamping means seeing things that others might not. Do you want to check out the wildebeest migration from the Serengeti? Maybe the annual Camel Fair in Kenya sounds like fun? The beaches of Tanzania? These are places that many good glamping adventures include.

Glamping in Africa

9. En Suite – you are in the wild, but don’t want to be IN the wild…make sure your glamping provider provides everything en suite or in the tent.

10. Support – whether riding horses or in vehicles, glamping should have plenty of back up and support from the company. You should never have worries about “being stuck”.

Glamping in Africa


For more information on glamping holidays or any other honeymoon ideas go to:
Exsus Luxury Holidays
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020 7337 9010


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    Laura C

    Love this post Kelly – I know Chris is thinking H-moon ideas at the minute (he’s in charge!) and I shall forward this to him asap :)

    Sara {Burnett's Boards}

    Love this post Kelly! My husband and I went to Uganda once (pre wedding, so not a honeymoon) and it was absolutely fabulous. Totally glam – we went hiking to see the mountain gorillas and the porters set up a picnic blanket with fine wines and cheeses, felt a little ‘colonial’ at times, but it was lovely. Africa is amazing – I highly recommend it!

    The Wedding Store

    We were in Kenya last year and LOVED the safari taster we did. For our honeymoon (which we’re now putitng back a few months) I am trying to find somewhere different but I keep coming back to the idea of Africa – probably South Africa because I loved the safari that much. I’m also joking that since we went to the effort of all the jobs before we went we should really make the most of them while we can!


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