Guest Blogger: Big and Branded or Small and Boutique by Blue Light Photography

Todays guest Blogger is Adele Haywood from Blue Lights Photography

 Should Photography be big and branded, or small and boutique?

There are a lot of big photography chains out and about, and a lot of franchises, and it makes you wonder whether you should go big and brand, or go small and boutique?
Lets have a look at something that we have to consider, and it might help.

At Blue Lights Photography we use Nikon high quality equipment. We shoot in RAW format, leaving you with the best quality images. Raw image files are sometimes called digital negatives, as they fulfill the same role as negatives in film photography: that is, the negative is not directly usable as an image, but has all of the information needed to create an image.

With a smaller studio and company, you get to know the photographer personally and have a relationship with one person from start to finish. From standing the Wedding Fayres and answering your emails and telephone calls, and will be there from delivering albums and prints. In a larger studio, you can sometimes fall in love with the sales person, and end up with a different photographer

Know what YOU want
Photography is a work of art, and is all about giving you images that you can treasure forever. When you interact well with a photographer you get to know each others personality, and therefore you can take that to a shoot and get better images. That is why smaller companies pride themselves on regular and indepth consultations and subsequent contact prior to the wedding/shoot. This means that you get the right style of photography for you and your wedding.

Creative control
After the photographs have been taken in their RAW Quality, you want to know that your images will be looked after and presented to you in a way that is affective. This is where the post production comes into play. Images are processed using Adobe Photoshop and each wedding and studio image is corrected for colour, brightness and contrast, and given your custom effect that I create. In Larger studio?s the images can be sent off to an external editor, who has no direction from either yourself or the photographer.

Album design
 By the time we get to choosing the Album and Album design, we have already discussed idea?s and know what we like and don?t like. This gives you creative choice over how many images you want within your album and whether or not this is achievable within the chosen style of album design.

Big Companies doesn?t mean Bigger discounts, and always look around smaller companies when choosing a photographer for any type of event.

This information is always good to take into consideration, for any large versus small companies for anything.

Blue Lights Photography is the business of Adele Haywood. A 25-year old Female Photographer who has grown up with a passion for taking photographs. Blue Lights Photography is based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. Being a South Yorkshire based Company does not mean that we are limited to this area. With many 2010-2011 weddings booked in further afield, including stunning area?s such as Harrogate, York, Aberdeen and Shrewsbury to name a few. If you like what you see then location is not a limitation.
‘I love taking photographs and I always have done even from an early age. I put my energy and passion into giving people the best that I can deliver. I try every time to excel myself and give my clients images that they can treasure forever’

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    aMatone: rome wedding photographer

    Going with large companies often means getting a predetermined shooting style and undifferentiated post production studio enhancing. On the other hand it may also mean quicker turnaround times and better customer support if things go wrong somewhere along the pipeline.
    Going with smaller studio you often get more unique shooting styles and differentiated post production processing. It may mean at times longer production turnaround but it may also be worth the wait. I agree with the prices not being necessarily lower with bigger companies. I would go with a small studio and would establish a nice relationship with the photographer beforehand. If everyone is at ease with each other pictures tend to come out so much better.


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