1 year on………..my first year of marriage.

Today 16th June is my 1 year wedding anniversary. I’m afraid this post is going to be completely self indulgent and a vain attempt getting my husband Nik to read my blog. He admits he never reads it, why would he, he has no interest in weddings! He read it the other day when he saw the world cup mentioned but that is pretty much it!
So today I want to celebtare our love and tell him how much he means to me.

I know I keep showing my wedding pictures off, but here they are again…..Me and Nik together,on what really was the happiest day of my life!!

We met on October 1st 2005 at Gatecrasher in Sheffield. When I met up with him again for what was our first proper date, I knew something about him was different, and it wasn’t just the fact that he was 10 years younger than me. I felt comfortable around him, he was easy to talk to, he was confident without being cocky and most of all he made me laugh.

So we kept on dating, me in Nottingham, him in Sheffield, even when he moved to London we kept up the long distance realtionship until in June 2006 he moved into my flat in Nottingham.
From our first year of being together I knew that Nik was the one for me. I’d been out with my fare share of rubbish men……and after 2 failed engagements, I knew I had found my dream man, so I spent the next year waiting for him to pop the question.
In May 2007 we bought a house together in Sheffield and in September 2007 he proposed (at last!!)

Actually it was Nik’s idea to get married in Ibiza. Our original wedding was planned in Cornwall, Big Country wedding, marquee, camper van, 100 guests…….pretty traditional really. One day we took a step back and thought this isn’t us….what are we doing? Nik suggested we go abroad and do it , make it more personal and less about the tradition, and what better place than Ibiza. We are both big clubbers, we met in a Night club, so why not get married on the most famous clubbing island in the world. It was close enough to England to invite everyone we wanted and far away to not invite the people we didn’t want.

It was great to have a day that we both really wanted, not just  a day that tradition told us to have and I have Nik to thank for that!

The last year of marriage has had it’s ups and downs. On my first day back in England after the wedding I got made redundant, I took a few weeks out and decided that I wanted a complete change, and that wedding planning was what I wanted to do. Nik wasn’t sure to begin with but he came round to the idea eventually!

He has been incredibly supportive, We don’t see a huge amount of each other, we both work incredibly hard and very long hours. But this little bubble head woman is very very appreciative  that he has given me the opportunity to follow my heart and ditch the crummy world of recruitment that I hated with a passion!

Nik has changed my life. Without him I don’t know where I’d be, or what I would be doing. All I know is that since I met him I feel complete, warm, secure and loved unconditionally. I love and trust him with all my heart and can’t imagine anyone else ever coming close!!

Anyway I’ve rambled enough, sorry! I just wanted to share with you the two readings we had at our wedding, they meant a lot to us and still do.

This Man (written by me Dec 05)

There’s a man I’ve met recently,
That although younger in years,
Is as wise and true as our fathers.
He brings with him a genuine nature
And a respect for those around him,
He brings with him warmth and affection,
And humour that brings a twinkle to my eye.
He came without me knowing,
When I was least expecting it,
But when I close my eyes he’s still there,
In ever day dream and thought throughout the night,
And when I wake up next to him
I feel like I’m in Heaven,
His touch is magical, His kiss like nectar.
The world’s a Blur when I’m with him,
While no-one and nothing else matters,
With him there’s no pretences, no games,
No heartache, no confusion,
Just a new breathof life, which has restored my faith.
There’s distance between us, many miles to travel,
But this man I’ve found is always close to my heart,
And with every heartbeat a bond that grows stronger.
When he leaves me I grow sad,
But still happy in the knowledge,
That although the road is long,
The adventure in front of us is even longer.

For Now By Tracey Emin

But do not hurry me,
But do not push me,
But do not crush me
But do not change me
Let us stay the way we are.

But do not consume me,
But do not frighten me,
But do not scare me
But do not change me,
Let us learn from the way we are

But do not smother me,
But do not break me,
But do not suffocate me,
Let me love you
Just the way you are…………..

…………Today, Tomorrow, Always Kelly xxxxx

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    anne keane

    congrats on one year! looked like you had a lot of fun at your wedding – all smiles. love the dress!
    my one year anniversary is on the 20th…wonder if my husband will read my blog for his shout out!

    Nik Hood

    What a lovely and touching thing for my beautiful wife to write about me and our wedding.

    This reminds me why I love her so much!



    Yes, your wedding day was truly amazing and I will always remember the day. The heat on the veranda! The strawberyy wedding cake! The silly signing of that picture! The tears…oh the tears! The first dance, the glamour, the dancing, the happiness and the feeling that it was all going to work out and last forever.
    I hope you always remember the love you feel for each other. Marriage will have ups and downs (I know this, I have been married for over 12 years) but trust me, each time you have a down and come through it your marriage is stronger than ever, your feelings for each other take on a new, deeper meaning – more than you could ever imagine – the sort that can only happen after you’ve been together for ages. It is so worth the effort.
    Happy days.
    Love Sarah Herbert!


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