Boho Competition: Win Your Wedding Music with Wedbeat


The winner of the competition is Amy Fallowfield


Today I am giving one lucky winner the chance to win their wedding music for FREE…yes FREE thanks to Wedbeat!

I told you all about Wedbeat in this feature last week….(see the full post HERE)



Wedbeat are an ‘Easy, fun, unique online wedding party music solution for weddings in the UK and abroad.’
Wedbeat lets you create your own personalised CD online. They hand mix and edit each song on your CD into a 3, 4 or 5 hour-long MP3 track. The track is seamless and uninterrupted and includes your optional choice of first dance song and/ or ‘must have’ songs.


What Wedbeat say
‘High quality production – “Each and every CD is hand mixed and edited, and features a single MP3 track that has (i) an uninterrupted mix with each song seamlessly blending into the next song (ii) no annoying 3 minute guitar intros and no 10-20 second silence which often appears at the end of a song (after all, it is a party and guests want to dance) and (iii) all of your wedding party music will be on just a single CD. Now try doing that with iTunes or your iPod or Spotify!’


What you win
The randomly selected winner gets ‘The Soundtrack Their Wedding; – Wedbeat will give the winner a 3, 4 or 5 hour CD with their choice of music on it. The winner will need to create the playlist and will be given a voucher code to enter in the checkout section to receive their free CD.

How to enter
1)      Go to the comment section below and tell me what your one ‘Must have’ song would be for your wedding soundtrack, this doesn’t have to be a first dance song, just the song that you must have played at your wedding

2)      Go to the wedbeat Facebook page and like it


Rules of the competition

1)      The competition will run from Monday 13th Feb to Monday 20th Feb

2)      Wedbeat will pick the winner themselves

3)      People entering the competition must be happy for their email address to be passed onto wedbeat so they can contact you directly.

4)      Wedbeat can only ship CDs to a UK address

5)      The Prize must be claimed by 31st December 2012.


So hope over to the Wedbeat site now to see just how easy it is to create your own wedding soundtrack………..and then leave a comment below to tell me your ‘Must have’ song for your wedding for the chance to win your own personally put together wedding music CD!


For more information about Wedbeat go to:
[email protected]

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    Laura C

    Though the ‘must have question’ first seems a tough one, it is undoubtedly Men Without Hats – The Safety Dance for us.

    There is not a chance that this song would play and we wouldn’t be dancing, anytime, anywhere. We used to request it (and still do) at uni club nights, Chris dances to it when the Scrubs episode is on, and me and my friends have even found the energy to do the double clap when it’s on our spinning class playlist – much to the amusement of our intructor!

    I see you over there making the ‘S-S-S-A-A-A…’ shapes!

    Sophie Harris

    Soo, this is mad but I dare you not to put this song on your music player now and not go nuts to it… It’s Prodigy and Smack my Bitch Up.

    Prodigy were playing the night I met my huzzy to be and we remember dancing like mad in the festival field to them that night before he walked me home to my tent.

    The song also goes with our 90’s songs which are going to be our disco music for the evening. I would LOVE a hand with putting that playlist together! Xx

    Sally Gibbs

    Our must have song would be Easy by Groove Armada.
    We saw them live years ago and spent the whole of this track jumping up and down and grinning.
    That’s what we plan to be doing on the dance floor on our wedding day!


    Our ‘must have song’ would have to be Mr Brightside by The Killers. This gets us and our friends up and dancing every single time and I am hoping it will do just that on our wedding day ! xx

    Nathan D

    You are the sunshine of my life – Stevie Wonder

    we both grew up listening to this kind of music and when we saw him at Glasto it was amazing!

    Claire Baldwin

    My must have wedding song is take that greatest day! Super cheesy but a definite crowd pleaser! X

    Rebecca Goodman

    I really want ‘You grew on me like a tumour’ by Tim Minchin as I love the sentiment to it but my other half thinks that most guest won’t get it and will wonder why we have a song about meningitis.

    Laura F

    Ahhh!!! I’m so excited to have seen this little comp, (just!) in the nick of time! I saw Wedbeat mentioned on Twitter last week and had a little play in their virtual studio then – it’s an awesome concept and so easy to use!

    A week after our first date, my other half left the country for 2 months to go travelling around Europe (I could have so easily taken that the wrong way!) and he asked my to put playlist of albums together for him while he was on the road…. Alphabeat was top of my list and he mocked me A LOT for my musical tastes. By the time he got back though, he was a total Alphabeat-convert, and the album has been a favourite of ours ever since, which always makes us smile.

    So, for my entry, our song would have to be (*whispers*) ‘Fascination’ by Alphabeat. Massively cheesy – yes, slightly cringe-worthy – I’m afraid so, but an amazingly fun, upbeat, happy song that echoes exactly how I feel to be marrying my almost-husband :)

    Now, fingers crossed very tightly! Thanks for such a fab competition


    one song we will definitaly be having played is Bed Of Roses by Bon Jovi. I absolutely adore this song beyond nearly every other song and find it so funny that my fiance always sings the wrong words no matter how many times i give him the right ones. …… “I wanna be just as close as, the holy moses”!!!!! we now can’t sing the original words lol


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