Ask The Experts: The Best Destinations in Europe for Fitness Inspired Honeymoons

Europe is home to incredible destinations perfect for couples who want to stay active and rejuvenated as they start their marital bliss. From Austria to Holland and Portugal, you will find numerous destinations in Europe offering fitness-focused experiences. Enjoy skiing in the mountain villages of Austria, hike through picturesque trails in the UK hand in hand, or engage in water sports along the scenic coastlines of Portugal.
Below, check out our guide for the best destinations in Europe for fitness-inspired honeymoons.

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With its enchanting landscapes, picturesque villages, and historic cities like Vienna and Salzburg, Austria is an excellent destination for a honeymoon. The country is oozing with romance, from the stunning alpine scenery to classical music concerts, impressive imperial palaces, and exquisite cuisine.

Offering skiing opportunities in winter and hiking or mountain biking in summer, the Austrian Alps offer the perfect setting for fitness-inspired honeymoons. There are some fantastic luxury Austrian ski chalets on offer for a memorable and romantic skiing adventure. Thrill-seekers can tackle Via Ferratas in the Dachstein region or engage in canyoning in the Ötztal Valley.

The Austrian Lake District offers a scenic backdrop for water sports like sailing and kayaking. Head to the vibrant cities of Vienna and Salzburg and book a private cycling tour to discover historic landmarks.

Couples who want to immerse in the local culture can witness traditional Austrian dances or indulge in local cuisine for a gastronomic adventure. Austria’s spas and wellness resorts provide a relaxing retreat after all the active pursuits. 

Whether scaling mountain peaks or strolling through charming villages, Austria caters to honeymooners with diverse interests, including those seeking a fitness-inspired getaway.

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Offering a captivating blend of romance and adventures, Spain has the perfect setting for a fitness-inspired honeymoon in Europe. Venture into the Pyrenees for skiing or hiking, or join incredible marathons at Picos de Europa, where you conquer challenging climbs. Spain’s coastline invites water sports enthusiasts, from surfing in the Basque Country to snorkeling in the Balearic Islands.

For a unique and exciting adventure, explore the otherworldly landscapes of the Tabernas Desert or go canyoning in Sierra de Guara. Those fond of cycling can tackle the challenging routes of Sierra Nevada or follow the iconic pilgrims’ path of the Camino de Santiago. Spain’s diverse regions offer excellent rock climbing opportunities, from the limestone cliffs of El Chorro in Andalusia to the conglomerate rocks of Montserrat near Barcelona.

Spain’s Balearic Islands, particularly Ibiza and Mallorca, provide a Mediterranean paradise for adventurous couples to engage in sailing, diving, and other water sports. And if you want to try something unusual but exciting, experience the thrill of running with the bulls during the San Fermín festival in Pamplona.

After all the adventures, experience Spain’s vibrant nightlife and culinary scene. From indulging in mouth-watering tapas in Barcelona to feasting on paella in Valencia and bar hopping in Madrid, Spain’s nightlife scene makes your honeymoon more satisfying.

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Holland is a fantastic honeymoon destination. With its scenic canals, charming cities like Amsterdam, beautiful countryside, and historic architecture, Holland offers diverse experiences for couples to celebrate their marital bliss. For those who want a fitness-inspired honeymoon, Holland has diverse landscapes and vibrant cities to enjoy outdoor activities, from cycling through Amsterdam’s picturesque canals and historic neighbourhoods to hiking at national parks like Hoge Veluwe. 

Venture into Texel or Terschelling islands to take on thrilling water sports, such as kite surfing or sailing. Check out the awe-inspiring Delta Works in Zeeland, an engineering marvel to protect against sea-level rise. Don’t miss out on the quintessential Dutch experience by visiting windmills or exploring Kinderdijk, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Enjoy an urban adventure by visiting Rotterdam and admiring its modern architecture. Utrecht is also a fun place to visit, with its scenic canals, historic sites, and unique shops. Escape the tourist crowds by venturing into the southern province of Limburg for cave exploration at Maastricht’s St. Pietersberg Caves.

Whether cycling along the picturesque canals, hiking in nature reserves, or immersing in the Dutch culture, Holland promises a honeymoon filled with adventures and memorable experiences.

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The UK  

The UK is one of Europe’s best destinations for a honeymoon, especially for couples seeking a fitness-inspired getaway. Head to the Scottish Highlands to hike Ben Nevis or explore the Isle of Skye’s dramatic scenery. Conquer Snowdon in Wales and enjoy outdoor pursuits in the stunning Snowdonia National Park.

For coastal adventures, venture into Cornwall. Spend your honeymoon surfing at the famous Fistral Beach, cliff diving, or hiking along the Southwest Coast Path. The Lake District’s stunning landscapes offer the perfect backdrop for hiking, kayaking, and scenic drives. In Northern Ireland, the Causeway Coast provides opportunities for cliff-top walks and exploring the Giant’s Causeway.

Delve into history as you paraglide over the White Cliffs of Dover or hike along Hadrian’s Wall. Enjoy coasteering in Pembrokeshire, and for a unique caving experience, explore the caves and gorges in Somerset’s Cheddar Gorge. Enjoy urban adventures in London by trying the Thames Rib Experience or climbing the O2 Arena for panoramic views. 

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Portugal is one of the best destinations for a fitness-inspired honeymoon in Europe. With its diverse landscapes, including beaches for water sports, scenic trails for biking, and majestic mountains for hiking, Portugal provides ample opportunities for couples to indulge in outdoor activities. In addition, the country’s mild climate and healthy cuisine contribute to a fitness-focused and rejuvenating holiday. 

Start your honeymoon with a cycling adventure through Douro Valley’s vineyards or rock climbing in Sintra’s mystical mountains. Dive into water sports on the Alentejo coast or sail along the rugged coastline. Embrace history by exploring medieval castles and Roman ruins. 

After all the adventures, embark on a transformative fitness retreat that can offer personalised training, yoga sessions, and outdoor activities. Rejuvenate in a spa, savour nutritious cuisine, and soak up the serene setting for a romantic and revitalising fitness experience.

With its mix of coastal excitement, mountainous terrain, rich history, and fitness retreats, Portugal promises an unforgettable adventure for couples seeking fitness-inspired honeymoon.

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