Ask The Experts: The Essential Guide to Beach Honeymoons

A beach honeymoon is ideal for beach-bum newlyweds who want to relax in the sun, sea, and sand. On your beach honeymoon, you’ll spend your days walking hand in hand along idyllic shores, indulging in refreshing cocktails, and bonding over water activities like snorkelling. If this is how you imagine your honeymoon, refer to this essential guide to beach honeymoons.

The Essential Guide to Beach Honeymoons

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The Best Time to Go on a Beach Honeymoon

Knowing the best time to visit your chosen destination for a beach honeymoon allows you to make the most of your romantic break. The best time to go on a beach honeymoon will depend on factors like the weather, your budget, and the destination. 

Everyone wants to hit the beach in summer, between July and August. However, not all beaches are created equal. Also, most couples prefer to honeymoon on tropical beaches in the winter, such as those in the Caribbean, as it’s less likely to rain. If you can handle the heat, you can book your beach honeymoon between July and August. Consider visiting the Mediterranean, such as the Amalfi Coast or the Greek Islands. 

Sure, a honeymoon on the beach in summer sounds like a great idea. However, it’s also the most popular time for the beach, which means you’ll likely share the beaches with thousands of other beachgoers. If you hate the crowd, avoid summer. 

Fall is an ideal time for a beach honeymoon in Europe. There are fewer crowds, and the mild weather lets you enjoy sun-drenched beach days. However, if you’re heading to Mexico or the Caribbean, avoid visiting in the fall since it’s the rainy season.

The Essential Guide to Beach Honeymoons

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The Best Things to Do on a Beach Honeymoon

Since you will be honeymooning on the beach, expect your activities to involve water activities. Of course, there will be plenty of opportunities for relaxation. And if you stay at luxury resorts, you can take advantage of the resort amenities like the pool and spa. Many beach resorts offer honeymoon packages that include excursions aside from the accommodations, so take advantage of these.

While it’s tempting to spend most of your time lounging by the beach, take the time to bond with your loved one over fun activities, like diving, snorkelling, kayaking, or surfing. You can also go for inland excursions such as hiking and cycling. 

Depending on the destination, you can also include city sightseeing on your beach honeymoon. For instance, if you’re heading to Mexico, you can visit historical sites and ruins between fun days at the beach. In addition, many beach resorts offer romantic activities for couples, such as candlelit dinners by the beach, sunset cruises, or a private picnic on a remote island.

The Essential Guide to Beach Honeymoons

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Where to Go for a Beach Honeymoon 

One of the challenges of planning a beach holiday, which can be done using travel companies like SNO, is choosing the destination. Sure, it’s as easy as searching online. But with endless options available, it can get confusing to decide where to go. Some of the world’s best destinations for a beach honeymoon include Turkey, Greece, Thailand, Bali (Indonesia) and Mexico. 

The best way to decide where to go is to consider when you plan to travel. For instance, if you want a honeymoon in summer, places like Greece, the Caribbean, Italy, Spain, and Thailand would be ideal. On the other hand, if you want a honeymoon in the fall season, you can visit the Maldives, Fiji, French Polynesia, Seychelles, or Mauritius. 

Another factor to consider when deciding where to go is the cost. For beach honeymoons on a budget, you can visit Southeast Asian destinations, such as Thailand and Bali in Indonesia. But if you want to splurge and visit a place with some of the world’s most luxurious resorts, consider the Maldives or the Bahamas.

The activities you wish to do on your honeymoon are another factor to consider when deciding where to go. For instance, if you and your spouse are avid divers, you can visit some of the world’s top diving destinations, such as Roatan in Honduras.

The Essential Guide to Beach Honeymoons

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Where to Stay for a Beach Honeymoon 

Resorts that offer all-inclusive honeymoon packages are the best places to stay for a beach honeymoon. These are packages that already include accommodations, food, and everything else. With all-inclusive resorts, you will already pay for everything ahead, making it easier to stick within your budget.

All-inclusive resorts are perfect for couples who hate planning trips. They offer a hassle-free honeymoon, allowing you to focus on relaxation. You and your spouse can let go and unwind and enjoy everything the resort offers – sun, sea, and unlimited food and cocktails!

Resorts offering all-inclusive packages have luxury amenities you can take advantage of during your stay. You can enjoy unlimited use of the pool, spa, and beach. Of course, you can use sun loungers and other beach amenities for free. Depending on the resort, you can use water sports amenities for free, such as kayaks and jet skis.

The Essential Guide to Beach Honeymoons

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What to Pack for a Beach Honeymoon

To guarantee an enjoyable beach honeymoon, ensure you pack everything for your trip. Packing the right things will also save you money, preventing you from having to shop once you arrive at your destination. If you’re staying at a luxury resort, you can skip packing some essentials, such as towels and toiletries. 

The beach clothing should be on top of your list. Since you’re going to the beach, you must have enough swimwear to last until the end of your honeymoon. The other clothing you must pack include cover-ups, rash guards, shirts or casual tops, shorts or skirts, dress for fancy dinners, sleepwear, and gym outfit. 

Aside from the clothing, don’t forget to pack accessories like sun hats, polarised sunglasses, beach blankets, beach bags, water bottles, and dry bags. While your resorts may already have the basic toiletries like shampoo, shower gel, and lotion, you also need to pack sunscreen, lip balm, hand sanitiser, and other toiletries you may need. Depending on the destination and the activities you wish to do, you may also need to pack bug spray and a first aid kit.

The Essential Guide to Beach Honeymoons

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