Bridal Style: The Latest Trends in Wedding Hair and Makeup

A wedding is one of the most memorable days of a woman’s life. For a bride to look radiant, elegant hair and makeup are essential pieces to the puzzle. With changing trends and endless options available in the bridal beauty world, making the right choice can be challenging.

Today we will help you discover which hairstyle and makeup suits your big day best. From seasonal hairstyles to makeup with tones that match the weather, you are well-covered for the next big step in your life.

The Latest Trends in Wedding Hair and Makeup

Photo by Grayson Reese Photos – full wedding here 

The Natural Look

In recent years, there has been a move towards a ‘natural’ aesthetic, and this has undoubtedly influenced bridal hairstyles. Instead of structured, fancy updos filled with intricate details, modern-day brides opt for something much more straightforward. Think tousled, loose, and braided waves that mimic a calm ocean.

The main goal is to help brides look effortlessly chic, natural, and serene. From low buns to higher ones that complement the headpiece, this look has been popularized by celebrities worldwide. Commonly known as a bohemian look, stars such as Kate Moss and Jennifer Lawrence have played an integral role in influencing this relaxed look.

The best part? Anyone can achieve this look. Simply engage a professional from a repertoire of celebrity stylists to start.

photo source  Paul Fuller – full wedding here

Hair Extensions

Gone are the days when perfectly volumized hair was critical for beautiful updos. As the world modernizes, hair extensions have been a fast-rising trend for people across the globe. Hair extensions and wigs can be found in all sizes, colours, and forms; their versatility can be the perfect aid to your dream wedding hairstyle. You can simply add volume, thickness, and style with clip-on hair extensions.

One of the main advantages of hair extensions is that they can be affordable. Finding a perfect extension is a smooth process depending on your budget and preferences. You can choose synthetic pieces for natural-looking human hair. In addition, you no longer have to wait months or years for your hair to grow. Simply choose an extension of your colour and hair type to start your transformation.

photos by Gregg Kmita Photography  – full wedding here 

Hair Accessories

To further enhance your look, make use of the new popularity of hair accessories, adding glamour to your pre-existing updo. Floral headbands can be a beautiful statement. You can buy handmade pieces from professionals who can re-create current styles, or even create them yourself. In some cultures, hair accessories that include pearls, crystals, and even feathers are common. For your hairstyle to work, the best approach is to select an accessory that reflects your style and personality.

photo by Laura Calderwood Photography   – full wedding here 

Makeup Trends

Similar to updos, the recent makeup trend emphasizes the natural look. To fully portray your beauty, aim to create a flawlessly glowing complexion. Instead of makeup, high-quality serums and skincare products can be used to prep your skin before applying makeup. Since a more natural look is preferred, apply a lightweight, sheer foundation. In addition, contouring should be kept to a minimum.  Highlighter creates a dewy, radiant look to show a softer, more feminine side.

For eyeshadow colours, peach and rose tones are highly sought after for an effect that is feminine and natural. To make it fun, statement lipstick colours are all the rage. Consider adding some drama to your appearance with deep red or bright pink lipstick. Lastly, use false lashes to complete your look. With drama and definition in your eyes, you will achieve a polished and perfect look for your wedding day.

photo by Daniela Ortiz Photography – full wedding here

Combining Them

To complete your look, you need to integrate both your hairstyle and makeup. Despite the rising trends for both, choosing a look you truly desire is essential. Start with a colour palette that best reflects your personality and preferences. Focus on what makes you happy by incorporating the latest trends while keeping it unique. Select what makes you most comfortable and play around with colours that best suit you. Remember to keep your dress, venue, and decorations in mind when choosing the best colour palette, to ensure your eyeshadow fits the occasion.

photo by Eastlyn & Joshua – full wedding here


The first step is to get on Pinterest and discuss with your wedding planner and makeup artists. Get professional input as you integrate their ideas. Because it is your wedding, you must include your elements with professionals’ advice. Choosing what suits you best is vital. Trends come and go, but creating the wedding of your dreams can be effortless with the right look.





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