6 Colour Combination Ideas for a Stylish Boho Wedding

So you’ve decided to have a boho wedding, fantastic news! You have come to the right blog. With simple yet artsy and adventurous touches, boho weddings definitely stand out. They feature an eclectic combination of rustic, natural and vintage details from its ethnic, hippie and gypsy styles.
A boho wedding obeys no rules, you can pretty much do what you want! You can bring in the professionals to style it for you, or you can DIY a lot and make it super personal to you, which is one of the reasons why it is so popular.

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What does the boho wedding theme look like?

A boho wedding feels natural and relaxed with many chic elements. An idyllic spot in the countryside, with a whimsical altar that’s adorned with floral detailing and lanterns hanging in the trees. Around you are fairy lights, dream catchers and a lot of cute little vintage elements. The bride wears a loose and flowy gown with a braided hairstyle and a flower crown. How Magical!

But what about the wedding color ideas for a boho wedding? To help you out, we’ve compiled some of the best colour palettes for a stylish boho wedding. Check out these spectacular colour combos below.

Burgundy and Navy Blue

When you pair two classics together, there’s no way you will go wrong. It’s how burgundy and navy blue work together as a colour combination for a boho wedding. Navy blue, known as the new black, creates a great balance with the feminine and berry-hued burgundy.
Whether in linens, clothing and invitations, this combo works amazingly, and you should consider matching it with woody and musky perfume fragrances (take your pick from the Chez Pierre collection).
What’s even great about burgundy and navy blue as a colour palette is that they make things look and feel expensive, even if they are not.

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Peach and Rust Orange

Peach and rust orange are a perfect mix of complementary tones that add depth and natural richness. When you get married when the fall foliage is in bloom, this colour palette becomes even more gorgeous! You can also find a lot of flowers in these tones, and they create absolutely stunning floral centrepieces.

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Sage Green

As any neutrals do, sage goes with just about every style, not just boho. Considered the ‘new neutral, it’ a real show stopper. This soft, subdued hue brings in a sophisticated neutral colour palette when paired with white, cream or ivory.
Sage surely brings nature into your special day. It’s a colour that oozes so much grace and elegance into any décor.
Speaking of green, one of the reasons Boho weddings are so popular is that they can cost less than “traditional” weddings. And if money is a priority for you, it might also be a concern for your wedding guests. So, if you’re in a position to do so, encourage them to look for affordable wedding gift ideas that allow them to share in your celebration without breaking the bank.

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Metallic Coral and Copper

From wedding photo frames to your wedding invitations, tablescape, bridesmaid dresses and bridal shoes, a metallic coral and copper combination makes everything stunning!
Copper shoes define sophistication when worn with a white or ivory wedding gown. Copper candlesticks, glassware and cutlery with foliage make for a very natural look on the table. Do you want to incorporate something a little more unusual? Use a copper wire to tie a buttonhole.
And in pictures, metallic copper and coral will give you a colourful boho shoot! Definitely, a blend of metallic coral and copper is a romantic fall palette that’s perfect for any boho style wedding.

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Lilac and Lavender

At any time of the year, lilac and lavender look incredible together! Lavender is completely natural and relaxing, an important boho element to consider. Lilac works with every skin tone. And both are romantic, not to mention beautiful in every season. When you decide to work on this colour palette, you’ll have lots of choices when it comes to stationery, florals, décors, wedding favours and even bridesmaid dresses.

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Rust and Teal

Do you want to leave a great impression on your guests? Let everyone be awe-struck with the striking pairing of teal and rust. They don’t disappoint. While rust adds a subtle touch of warmth, teal provides the calming property of blue and refreshing vibes of green.

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Ready to plan your boho wedding? Whether you want it chic, earthy, or feminine, we hope that these colour combinations inspire you. Happy planning!





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    Thank you for these stunning color combination ideas! Each palette perfectly captures the essence of a boho wedding. I especially love the burgundy and navy blue pairing, as well as the peach and rust orange combo. This is very inspiring for my own wedding!


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