Giraffe Manor Elopement – Kenya Wedding Inspiration

There are places in the world that you just know you have to visit and today’s elopement is one of them. Giraffe Manor is a venue that keeps popping up on my feed, the most amazing location where the giraffes roam free and join you for breakfast! You can dine with them inside and outside, feed them and get up close and personal with them, a real animal lovers dream! This place is definitely going on my bucket list! Emma-Jane Photography was lucky to visit this amazing venue in January as she took Emma and Kieran on a huge adventure to Kenya to capture the giraffes’s in all their glory. I absolutely adore this elopement shoot, it really is a dream,what an amazing experience, and what an honour to feature the photos on the blog.

Emma tells us more about this extraordinary shoot

Giraffe manor has been on my bucket list forever, like many people! So when a project came up to travel out here with Emma and Kieran I was ecstatic!

Giraffe manor is set in 12 acres of land with 140 acres of forest in Nairobi, with the main manor house dating back to the 1930s. The manor is part of the safari collection, where they have an amazing charitable foundation and environmental footprint! Giraffe populations in the wild have dramatically declined and with the purchase of the manor in 1974 the original owners started a campaign to save the endangers Rothschild giraffes. and is present today in the African fund for endangered wildlife. The conservation and breeding programme for the endangered giraffes sees many babies raised and then released back into the nature reserves and increased the population of the species. With the manor being so popular guests also go onto sponsor the giraffes leading to much needed funds for the campaign.

With our pre couple shoot in the pool and an amazing interaction with Betty the mother, newly pregnant and Lily her eldest child it meant such a private moment, as while other guests were checking in we have this moment and the pool completely to ourselves. This was our first interaction with the giraffes and we knew it was going to be an incredible stay. We have afternoon tea with the giraffes, a private dinner in the orchid room and the famous breakfast in their wedding outfits before it was time to check out. Giraffe manor is such a unique venue for an elopement!

It was amazing to see these gentle giants so close up ,and have amazing interactions with them, all while knowing there was great work going on behind the scenes.



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    Marek Czeżyk

    Great idea! These giraffes scorned my heart. When viewing a post in the morning, it works harder than coffee. What an amazing atmosphere of an African safari, the smell of love and a fairy-tale light. Just – wow!


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