Ask The Experts: The Top 5 Best Wedding Gifts Ideas

Gift lists can be a tricky thing. As a couple you may not expect to receive a gift but your guests will more than likely want to get you something to mark your celebration. A lot of couples choose a traditional gift list, where they register for gifts, others will ask for straight up cash! While others ask for honeymoon donations. But what if you want to stray from the gift register and buy something more personal, something you want to give them? It is also essential to keep costs in check and strike a good balance between over spending and under spending. A customized item is usually a sure bet for gift giving. The newlyweds may appreciate practical presents, but thoughtful gifts that help them make memories together or maybe even jewellery for them both, something like thin gold bangles 22k are also appropriate. So today we are looking at a few ideas that we have collected together, the top wedding gift ideas for newlyweds, easy affordable but things they will actually want!

The Top 5 Best Wedding Gifts  Ideas


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Video Message

Everyone wants every detail of their wedding, from the attire to the toasts to the cake, to be flawless. Due to the recent lockdowns, video messages are becoming increasingly popular as wedding gifts.
A video message can be used if you are unable to attend the wedding due to Covid restrictions or any other personal reasons. They can also be used if you are able to attend but want to record a number of messages for posterity, a wonderful keepsake for the couple to treasure forever.
Celebrate can help you prepare the best video message for the newlyweds.


Coffee Maker

Who doesn’t like a cup of freshly brewed coffee first thing in the morning? For most people, their day doesn’t begin until the first cup of coffee. So, if the newlyweds are coffee lovers, it is one of the best wedding gift ideas for those who like coffee. They can have their own coffee shop in their kitchen, no more costly trips to Starbucks every day, all they need is their own takeaway coffee mug and they are in Coffee heaven!

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Framed Gifts

Framed gifts are super personal, simple and inexpensive wedding gifts that newlyweds will treasure for a long time. There are many things you can do to make a gorgeous gift. The first is super simple and involves nothing more than saving a copy of their invitation, captured in a gorgeous personal frame  using ribbons and flowers the same colour as their colour scheme. Many couples forget to keep their wedding invites, so they will surely be grateful that you took the time to have it professionally framed!
You could go one step further and create a memory box/frame. Put together a collection of items from the wedding as a really special keep sake. Invitations, order of service, wedding favours, confetti, place names, table menu, all captured in a gorgeous personal frame.
Or if you want to get them something even more personal then what about a set of personalised picture frames ready for when they get their professional photos back. Get the frame made with their wedding date on and they will be over the moon.

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Kitchen Basics

A wedding is the perfect time to start collection some proper grown up kitchen essentials. The likely hood is that the couple have already been living together before they get married, but it is also highly likely that they have been saving for the wedding itself, so buying them some super fancy kitchen equipment could be a really lovely gesture. We have already disused the coffee Machine, but what abut some new pots and pans, chopping boards, kitchen knives? These may seem like unromantic presents BUT these things will always get used.

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Pampering Present

If you don’t want to get them ‘stuff’ then why not get them an experience? What best way to celebrate  the beginning of their new life together as a married couple than by providing them with fresh experiences to mark the occasion? You can give them a pampering gift such as a spa day or mini-honeymoon getaway.
Wedding preparation can be pretty stressful, and the couple may intend to move into a new house right after their wedding, so booking a spa session will provide them with much-needed relaxation and help them relieve all of the tension accumulated as a result of their wedding planning.
Or you could choose a staycation in a hotel for the right combination of romance and relaxation experience days for couples. Or what about an experience voucher like rally driving, sky diving, pottery lessons, or a weekend at a cooking or yoga retreat?

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There are so many wedding gift ideas for you to choose from. Try not to over think it. Your wedding couple will be happy what ever you decide to get them BUT these 5 ideas are bound to put a massive smile on their faces.





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