Ask The Experts: Guide to Luxury Winter Mini Moons

Traditionally, honeymoons take place shortly after couples exchange their ‘I dos.’  But not all newlyweds have the time or means for a two-week getaway right after the wedding. Thankfully, there’s the minimoon.  It sounds like a fancy buzzword, but a minimoon is essentially a honeymoon, only shorter. Think of it as a bite-sized escapade or a preview to a future grander holiday. You can spend a couple of days exploring a cultural city or a week relaxing on the beach.  And just because minimoons are mini does not mean they are mediocre. On the contrary, most are bursting at the seams with luxury. Think lavish villas, world-class spas, fancy dinners, and exhilarating adventures.

But is winter a good month for a minimoon?  If you come to think of it, anytime is a good time for a minimoon, but there’s something uniquely special (and practical) about minimoons in winter. Off-season means less crowd and lower rates. You can have the best romantic locations exclusively as most couples wait for warmer months to go on vacation.
Ready to chuck away that post-wedding stress and be alone with your partner?  Here is our list of winter minimoon destinations that will take your breath away.

The Maldives

Some couples love cuddling by a crackling fire and drinking mugs of mulled wine, while others find a balmy beach and fruity cocktails so much more alluring.  If you’re the latter, then you will love a holiday stint in the Maldives.  What is more romantic than having quality time with each other in a secluded overwater bungalow surrounded by the turquoise blue sea?  Swim to your heart’s content, then soak in a cosy outdoor jacuzzi at sunset, a glass of champagne in hand.

Better yet, sail to a private island, where you can stay overnight at a luxurious seaside villa.  You can spend the entire day sunning on the shore, snorkelling around vibrant coral reefs or relaxing in an exclusive lagoon.  In the evening, enjoy a sumptuous feast prepared by a private chef.

Of course, you shouldn’t miss the honeymoon classics, such as dinner by the sea, sunset sail around the islands, long walks on the beach, and premium spa retreats.


Greece is one of those few honeymoon destinations that often gets plenty of hype yet manage to live up every bit of it. Home to thousands of islands, each having its own distinct identity, Greece offers plenty of experiences for an unforgettable minimoon break. But how do you decide where to go?

Everyone would think about Santorini when going on a romantic trip to Greece, and it’s easy to see why. With its gorgeous, whitewashed villages and world-class bars where you can witness the most romantic sunsets, they will make your Santorini mini honeymoon truly romantic. Stroll hand in hand in the gorgeous villages of Thira and Oia, and end your day at the club-centric capital of Fira.

Santorini also has no shortage of stunning accommodations fit for couples on romantic vacations. Most of these hotels have private infinity pools that open to the views of the Aegean Sea, and others come with their own private hot tub where you can relax and toast to a glass of wine after a whole day of exploring the island.


Oozing with passion and romance, Mexico is perfect for minimoons.  No couples’ trip to Mexico is complete without visiting the beaches.  Find exceptional luxury in Playa del Carmen, thrilling outdoor adventures in Puerto Vallarta, vibrant nightlife in Cancun, and world-class spas in Los Cabos.  If you are looking for a less touristy yet equally stunning beach, head to the fishing village of Sayulita and enjoy a beachside dinner of freshly caught seafood.  For nature lovers, go to the tiny island of Holbox for birdwatching, snorkelling and scuba diving, or to the upscale resort of Punta Mita, where you may spot humpback whales in the surrounding waters of Banderas Bay.

For an unforgettable cultural experience, visit the UNESCO-listed artsy city of San Miguel de Allende or the bohemian Oaxaca.  History lovers and thrill-seekers will love Merida and its mysterious Mayan pyramids. Of course, you should not miss a tour around Mexico City.  Have a picnic at Bosque de Chapultepec, a 686-hectare park in the heart of the capital, sample some churros and Mexican coffee in Coyoacán, enjoy the live music and dancing at Plaza de la Ciudadela, and indulge in traditional and international cuisines in Polanco.


While it is winter in the North Hemisphere, it is summer in Tahiti. Newlyweds seeking to escape the dreary cold of wintry weather will find an excellent getaway on this tropical island.  Start your minimoon in the capital city of Papeete.  Wander around the lively Municipal Market, with its pearls, woodcraft, and perfume, then have a feast at Papeete Roulottes, a cluster of food trucks at the waterfront, serving local and international fare.

Undoubtedly, Tahiti’s top draw are the beaches, and there are loads of them, including the unique black sand ones.  But its real charm is its untouched natural beauty.  Venture deep into rainforests and find spectacular but secluded waterfalls such as Fautaua and Faarumai.  You can picnic on the volcanic rocks or take a dip in the clear pools at the bottom of the cascades.

It is also no surprise that the Tahitian waters abound with marine life.  Snorkel the coral gardens teeming with tropical fish of various colours or paddle across its shallow lagoons in a glass kayak. Charter a catamaran and sail along the scenic coast or get on a seaplane to see the island from a different view.  Add a bit of adventure into your minimoon and climb up the extinct volcano, Mont Orohena, Tahiti’s highest peak.  If you want a less strenuous hike with an equally beautiful panorama, go for Mont Aorai instead.

French Polynesia

French Polynesia is a semi-autonomous territory of France, comprising 118 islands and atolls scattered across the South Pacific Ocean.  Among its 67 inhabited islands, Tahiti is the most populous.  The world-renowned Bora Bora is arguably its crown jewel, while the rugged volcanic island of Moorea is its adventure capital.

French Polynesia spoils you with an array of sun-kissed beaches and exotic jungle hideaways.  For the ultimate exclusive escapade, fly to the ultra-luxurious The Brando in Tetiaroa.  Stay at a lavish overwater villa in Bora Bora, then go deep fishing or sunset sailing on a yacht.  Snorkel and scuba dive in Rangiroa, with its 200 islets brimming with marine life.  In Moorea, you can get on a 4×4 safari or swim with sharks and stingrays.  Book a private cruise around the island of Raiatea. Have dinner on the top deck of your boat, then end the night with stargazing on the padded loungers.








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