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Here at Boho Weddings it’s pretty safe to say that I LOVE all things Boho. I have been writing this blog for nearly 12 years now and I have seen the Boho style really come into its own and play a HUGE part in the wedding world. Boho shouldn’t be used just for the sake of it though, if you’re not a fan of the boho theme there isn’t anyone telling you you have to use it in your wedding, there are plenty of other styles out there for you. But Boho can be taken in many different forms. You can hold a full on, Boho themed wedding from the venue, to the decor, to the outfits. Or you can take just a small part of the theme and run with that, mix it in with other ideas. Basically anything goes these day. Today on the blog we are going to talk about what boho is and how you can make your boho themed wedding work for you and your style.

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Making Your Wedding Boho-Chic

Boho means lots of things to lots of people. Lush earthy decor, ethereal vibe, whimsical and romantic – essentials for a boho wedding. It’s your special day that will be a sweet memory to remember for the rest of your lives. That’s what a bohemian-style wedding is all about.

Preferring what appeals to you, denying the social standards, and doing whatever makes you happy. After all, it’s your day, and only you can make it you-worthy. Like you can pick an Asheville wedding photographer to capture feelings and emotions beautifully. You can choose to go for a minimalistic destination wedding. Or, you can go all out to follow a hippie-style theme. As long as it matches your free-spirited soul, it’s the vibe of the boho.

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Are Boho Weddings a Trend? 

Although it started back in the 1970s, Boho is still going strong. So whether you are looking for a fun vibe or close to nature’s decor, an artistic feeling or more of a feminine touch, boho is a perfect choice. No, you don’t have to adopt the bohemian lifestyle to follow this trendy wedding style.
However, you do need to know the things that can help you make your wedding boho-chic. But, before that, let’s find out what it actually is and if it’s right for your personality or not.

According to BBC News: a person who despises norms, conventionalities, or societal standards and lives like a free spirit is a bohemian. Or, As explained by Amerii, anyone who prefers to live an unusual lifestyle is a boho by heart.

In a nutshell, if you prefer to:

  • Pursue your passion
  • Be adventurous
  • Enjoy wherever you are
  • Manifest your artistic personality

And, not give a darn about society; you are living a bohemian lifestyle without knowing. So, to say we all are boho in one way or other won’t be totally wrong. Now that you have discovered your self-expression, let’s move on to what you can do for a boho-themed wedding.

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Checklist For A Boho Theme

As we mentioned earlier, you don’t need to adopt the boho lifestyle for a boho wedding, but you do need to keep some things in mind. And, to make it easy for you, we have listed a basic checklist that can help you achieve that:

  • Keep a geometrically aesthetic altar in mind
  • Get a rainbow of flowers for an eye-pleasing sight
  • Pick the coziest cushion seating to match the vibe
  • Wrap endless draped fabrics to beautify the venue
  • Prefer loosely hanging chandeliers and florals
  • Create a windchime effect with earthy gemstones and crystals
  • Bring the celestial vibe with starry sky night
  • Hang star and moon planters to say I love you to the moon and back
  • Say yes to colorful or dainty floral crowns to be the king and queen that you are
  • Take outfit inspiration from the royal lacy wedding gowns

Bonus: Click to discover 19+ elegant yet classy boho wedding dress ideas.

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How To Plan Your Boho Wedding?

You’ve got all the basic details on a boho wedding. You’ve noted down the checklist, so what now? Time to get into the actual planning!

#Charm Of Boho? Simplicity All The Way!

The beauty of boho is how frugal it is. Literally, you can have a free hand in expense or be tight on budget, yet, the bohemian wedding will still work for you. Keeping flower vases on the table, hanging flower decorations around the stage, placing the white cushions around, or covering the rusty chairs with a white cloth, And that alone can really get you into the vibey boho feeling.

 #Blending Vintage With Earthy Tones Can’t Go Wrong

There’s so much you can choose from when it comes to a boho theme. You can opt for a beach, forest, park, hill station, open ground, or anything. In fact, you can choose vintage, natural tones or just mix them both. How fun it is that there’s no restriction of adding things in a boho theme.

#Embracing Your Beauty Is The Right Answer

Wedding dress, bridesmaid gowns, and an overall makeup look are hands down the most stressful things about a wedding. After the decorations, venue, and catering, of course. But, still, you get the point, right? So, with a boho theme, you don’t have to feel the pressure of the perfect makeup or dress. Bohemian allows you to be free and just enjoy your day. You can choose a white lace dress, daisy head crown, delicate studs by keeping your makeup neutral and natural.

Boho-Tip: Head out to Pinterest to witness some of the best and dreamy boho bridal looks.

#Bring The Glow Into The Flow

Boho is all about getting the romantic vibe to life. Hanging fairy lights, lanterns, placing lit candles around can create the perfect ambiance. Moreover, you can loosely attach the light bulbs with wires crossing randomly throughout the place. You can also customize paper lanterns to follow the ritual of losing them in the air. Such a romantic way to end your special day. All the mismatched lightings can create a beautiful glow that can add a magical touch to the wedding.

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Your wedding is the perfect place to find happiness, So your decision on the decorations, theme, setting and everything can really make it perfect. A boho theme wedding is laid back and can make your wedding the topic of conversation with your friends and family for years to come. 




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