Ideas For Shooting a Wedding Video in France

After yesterday’s announcement Weddings are back on! Thank Goodness! Now we can start thinking about wedding plans again and getting caught up in the excitement of getting married. There are so many amazing places to get married all over the world; and why not choose France? After all, Paris is the original City of Love!  France is a beautiful country, easily accessible from the UK and offers newlyweds some of the best wedding photography locations in the world to make your pictures look incredibly romantic and dreamy. Let’s take a look at some of the best ideas for shooting a wedding video in France.

Ideas For Shooting a Wedding Video in France

Paris: the City of Love.

As most people know, Paris is the original city of love and has no shortage of beautiful, romantic and fairytale locations for shooting your wedding photography and videos.
It is also known as the City of Lights and, for centuries, has had a strong allure for couples that are in love and want to celebrate their new lives together.
With its famous landmarks (think the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, River Seine, and cobbled streets) that exude sophistication and beauty, you are definitely spoilt for choice.
Examples of popular wedding photography ideas in Paris include the following:

  • A wedding shoot during sunset on a boat on the River Seine
  • Posing for wedding pictures and videos in front of the Eiffel Tower
  • Strolling along the Champs Elysées with the Arc de Triomphe as a backdrop
  • Dreamy photos and videos in the Bois de Bologne

These are just a handful of ideas for gorgeous wedding photos and videos in Paris. The best part of these ideas is that they won’t cost you anything (except perhaps a nominal entrance fee per person) and you can get as creative as you want!
All that is needed is a little planning and you are good to go!

Ideas For Shooting a Wedding Video in France

Street photography.

Street photography in Paris and other French towns and cities is a fantastic idea. France has countless pretty street cafes and restaurants with tables and chairs on the sidewalks.
Why not have drinks at a cute cafe and take some impromptu photos while you’re at it?

When you’re finished with your drinks, you take a stroll along one of France’s many cobblestone streets and alleys and photograph the bride, groom, and wedding party as they hold hands while walking. Allow the wedding party to take their time and spend a few moments in a doorway of a museum or old home and have beautiful architecture as your backdrop.

Wedding photography in the French streets has a timeless and classic effect. If you choose a quiet time of the day and there are not many other people around, your photos could look as if they were from a bygone era and wonderfully dreamlike.

Ideas For Shooting a Wedding Video in France

French landmarks.

If you decide on France for your wedding venue, photography and videos, you can definitely not go wrong!
There are so many spectacular French landmarks to choose from and the most popular are the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, and the many wine vineyards in the country.
Many couples don’t like a stereotypical backdrop for their wedding photography and this is completely understandable. If you would like to go “off the beaten track” for your wedding photos, there is plenty to consider.

In Paris alone, there are many beautiful and less touristy locations that you could select.
For instance, you could visit the oldest house in Paris (located at 51 rue de Montmorency in the 3rd arrondissement). With its ancient stone facade, old plaque and decorative pillars, it is sure to help you achieve the most impressive photos and videos.
Enjoy the beauty of nature? Did you know that there is a pretty park in the center of Paris? Many consider this to be Paris’s answer to Central Park in New York. It is called the Jardin des Colonnes (otherwise known as The Secret Garden of Paris) and is well known for its blooming lavender plants in the summer months.
Wedding photography and videography in France has something for everything and something to suit all tastes. If you are a book lover, you could always choose the Abbey Bookshop, an ancient establishment that is over 400 years old!

Ideas For Shooting a Wedding Video in France

Focus on the lesser-known details.

To make the most of your wedding photography, it is important to focus on the small and lesser-known details.
This involves getting a little creative and doing things you wouldn’t normally think of. A great example is climbing into a tree and having your photographer film you from there.
France has no shortage of winding staircases and you could always pose at the top and have a few pictures taken from below.
If you find yourself outside in the countryside, why not consider lying in a field of lavender or flowers and inviting the rest of your wedding party to join you?
Don’t be afraid to play around with the objects around you, such as cafe tables, stairs, and fountains.
Since France is by its very nature a very romantic country, this is probably the most sought-after location for wedding photography in the world!

Ideas For Shooting a Wedding Video in France

Photography and videography with your wedding party.

Your wedding party forms an important part of your photography and videos, and they would love to help you create beautiful memories.
A great idea is to create mood photography where you have everyone laugh out loud, pose with serious expressions or lovingly look at the bride.
If you don’t already have a color scheme, consider having one as this can have a great impact on your photos. You don’t need to go overboard and even if everyone wears one item from your color scheme, this can pull everything together beautifully and result in stunning photos that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Ideas For Shooting a Wedding Video in France

Processing your wedding photos and videos.

When it comes to the processing of your wedding photos and wedding video, there are some amazing tools out there for you to use.

Processing your photos is very easy if you use a tool like PicMonkey or BeFunky. With these popular tools, you don’t have to be a professional photographer or editor and you don’t need any special skills. Simply visit the websites, register and begin processing your pictures – it really is as easy as that!

If you want to avoid online editors, use PhotoWorks, a lightweight desktop program powered by an artificial intelligence engine. The software allows for content-aware and non-destructive photo editing. It has many automatic tools, one-click presets, and even professional features – Curves, 3D LUTs, and HDR. Besides, the software features a batch processing suite which is a time saver if you have dozens of photos from your wedding that you want to polish.

Video processing can be a little more complicated than photograph processing but, if you make use of an easy-to-use tool like Fastreel or Animoto, you can have everything completed in no time!
These useful tools allow you to play around with various effects and settings to achieve exactly the type of photos and videos you want. For instance, you can make slideshows, cut, crop, and compress your videos. Even if you are not particularly creative, it doesn’t matter because tools like Fastreel have some amazing templates that you can use.

Want a free video editor that will be available 24/7 whether or not you have a stable Internet connection? Get Clipify, a beginner-friendly video editor and slideshow maker for Windows. The program will help you enhance your wedding clips and make an adorable musical movie following this magical event.

You can’t go overboard planning your wedding since it’s a very intimate event everyone wants to be perfect. The tips and ideas above will help you organize a stylish and fun wedding ceremony, save the priceless memories from this spectacular date, and celebrate the love between you and your partner over and over again while looking back at your wedding footage. 

Ideas For Shooting a Wedding Video in France





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