Ask The Experts: Are You A NewlyWed? Paint Your Love Story in Paris – Perfect Paris Honeymoons

Paris is the city of love, a perfect place for newlyweds to celebrate their new life together. Paris with romance is like coffee paired with croissants- a match made in heaven! This is why many couples choose this city for their honeymoon. It has so many romantic destinations where you can feel love- making you… Read more »

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Ideas For Shooting a Wedding Video in France

After yesterday’s announcement Weddings are back on! Thank Goodness! Now we can start thinking about wedding plans again and getting caught up in the excitement of getting married. There are so many amazing places to get married all over the world; and why not choose France? After all, Paris is the original City of Love! … Read more »

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  • Why not visit our Supplier Directory



Parisian engagement

Agi and Gaspi’s Parisian engagement shoot from an international romance.

I love receiving submissions from around the world it shows me that the blog really is international, I am getting more and more photographers contact me from different countries and todays submission is one of those. It was sent to me courtesy of Gabby from En Route Photography a boutique wedding and lifestyle photography company based in Europe. It’s… Read more »

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