Dirty Bit………..a very funny wedding video!

As a blogger I receive a whole load of wedding related stuff in my inbox on a daily basis. It’s not often I receive things that are new and I think are actually a good idea though! But today I would like to share with you something that broke the mould and really caught my attention!
It’s a wedding video that was sent to me few days ago, that I just LOVE! I couldn’t wait for Saturday Cinema to show it to you, so here you go……..I hope you like it, it had me and My husband in stitches!

The makers of the video are Music Wedding Videos and Kev Bagnall the owner of the company explained a bit more.
‘The couple are Dan and Gemma, We spoke to them and they agreed that we could film their special day with a twist. We chose a song (Black Eyed Peas – Dirty Bit) and pre emptied the guests to ‘learn’ the song. We then subsequently filmed everyone in some capacity and edited it together to look like this.’

I’m sure you agree that it’s a fabulous twist on the traditional wedding video, and after watching this my Husband wants to put a similar video together for his mates stag do!!

A little more information about the company:
The perfect memento of your perfect day – your own music video starring you and your guests.
The initial idea was thought up by Kev Bagnall and Seth Ward. We wanted to move away from the shaky camcorder/uncle’s home-made video style and make something that would not only appeal to the bride and groom, but be entertaining to a wider audience. We wanted to aim for more of a music video feel – fun, concise and personal to the people involved. therefore musicweddingvideos.com was born.
Our aim is to capture the majority (if not all) the guests on the camera in some kind of capacity, whether it be full-blown miming or just waving, this way everyone will have their five seconds of fame. However we are always sensitive to those who are camera-shy.
Once we bring all the footage back, we edit within two weeks (normally before the couple get back from their honeymoon) and deliver it as the perfect wedding gift. Many of our customers decide to send out copies to their guests as a post-wedding thank you present.
We pride ourselves on being unobtrusive, fun and extremely friendly.

To see another great example of their work go to www.musicweddingvideos.com (LMFAO – Party Rock wedding dance)

For more information got to:
07572 450 677

music wedding video
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    Thank you, yes it’s fab isn’t it! and Anne-Marie my husband did the samne thing, he thought it was fab! xxx


    I love this!! always looking for new ideas …as a previous wedding planner i have seen it all before – this is fantastic! Me and my fiancé have set up Me-Tv video booth which as an alternative take on the bog standard guest book. With the video booth guests can take their time to record personal messages for the B&G to view back on their personalised and edited dvd, which they will receive after the Big Day :-)


    Hi there,
    Thanks for viewing our video. We all had a lot of fun filming it on the day.

    We didn’t actually come across that video that Liezel has posted until after. We went off the ‘original’ video that Black Eyed Peas did. (loosely)

    In contrast to that one, it looks like a lot of planning and staging was used with, not only the bride and groom, but all of the guests.

    We wanted to remain unobtrusive and let them get on with their day, but also keeping the real feel to it.

    I love what they have done with that video and I guess it cost a whole lot more than what we charge :)


    Hi Kev thanks so much for sending me the video it’s so much fun! even my husband wants to doone nwo for his mates stag do!
    I have to admit I like the relcxaed nature of the video more than the one linked above, like you say less staged andless unintrusive!
    keep up the godo work, and send me more when you get them xxxx


    Quality,hopefully we get to do many more as well as the ones we are doing presently for a bit of contrast.
    We are doing a rock wedding in November so I’ll be sure to post that to you.

    We also do traditional wedding vids in our packages so be sure to check us out on http://www.musicweddingvideos.com



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