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I just wanted to talk to you briefly today about commenting on Blog posts, a non wedding related post I’m afraid but something I just wanted to discuss quickly with you.
This isn’t a begging post or a ‘please comment on my blog’ post just a question really to find out why people comment on some blog posts and not on others.

As a blogger the main thing I look at is my stats, I look at these every day and so far month on month my stats are growing, from this I know that there are a lot of people who are reading the blog………….BUT even so it’s always nice to get your feedback through the comments section.
BUT what I wanted to put across today is the main reason I want you to comment is for the people I feature in the Blog Post. The suppliers I feature, the photographers work I feature and the actual brides who’s weddings I feature.

commenting on blogs
The main issue for me is posting a real wedding and then people not commenting! This is someones wedding, and most of the time the bride and groom have spent time filling in the answers to my questions so I can tell the story of their day……..It’s for them that I want you to comment! NOT me! I want them to feel excited about appearing on a blog and then to be ever more excited when people comment on how lovely their wedding is.
The same for the photographer of the wedding, it’s always good to get constructive comments about their work, this is their job after all and it’s always appreciated when someone complements you on what a good job you have done.
The same goes for the suppliers I feature, always good to get a compliment about their work!

So I’m not on an ego trip, I just want the people I feature to feel the love……I can see my stats, I know people are reading the blog!….The comments section is really more for them.

I’d also like to create more of a sense of community on the blog, to get you talking to each other, the comments also means I get a good idea of what you like and what you don’t like.
On Monday I will be posting up the results of the readers survey, and acting on it with new features, more of some things and less of others, BUT this blog is for you, so I still need your on-going help to make it something you want to come back to, something you want to read as well as something you enjoy and find useful.

Personally if I see something on a blog I like I leave a comment, a wedding I like, a photographers work I like, a supplier. If I like it I will let them know….feedback after all is key in making us better people and create better work!

So do tell me what makes you comment on one blog post and not another. Are you shy? Do you never think of commenting and just leave it to other people? Do you not see the point of commenting? Would you like me to interact with you all more through the comments section?……….again your answers always go towards carting a better blog for you!

Big Boho Love
Kelly xx

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    Beckie Gregory

    Good post Kelly. I agree on comments really building a sense of community on a blog (which you already have!) and I am hoping to build that on my new blog – nice to get to know your regular readers :)
    Beckie x


    totally agree with your sentiments here, as a blogger i like to leave comments as i know how important it can be for the blogger and thos featured esp couples, but maybe i just do that because im a blogger, and if i were only a reader i might not!?

    Nicholas Yon

    Very interesting..I have a blog and know people read them but get no comments..what am I doing wrong or do people not leave a comment for fear of getting spam or loads of emails etc?? or are they just readers…maybe we should emphasise at end of blog that comments are welcome…without pleading but please comment ?!

    Anne-Marie Smith

    It’s always good to get feedback but I think most people read news blogs and features in the same way they read newspapers and magazines. Also, many blogs are promoted through FB and Twitter which is where I find most comments on blog post are made. Conversely, status updates on FB and tweets on Twitter don’t always generate a response either. This can leave us bloggers, page owners and tweeters a bit in the dark on the specifics although I do find Google analytics good to drill down and find what people are reacting to most on my blog. Am doing a bit of research on generating feedback and will let you know what I found out.
    In the meantime, keep up the good writing!


    Thank you everyone, I’m glad i’m not alone! Just want the people in my blog to feel the love from my readers. xxx


    Sorry Kelly, I am guilty as charged ;) I read blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc. with avid interest but very rarely comment, but that is only because I think who will want to hear my opinion! You make a very fair point though. If someone has gone to all that effort and hard work (and it is a lot of work) and I have enjoyed it / learned something, then I should show my appreciation at the very least and leave a comment, hence today’s comment. I promise to try harder in the future, am I forgiven? ;) Keep up the good work! Sx

      Sunrise MMP

      Kelly, this is an excellent post. This may be useful to anyone looking for knowledge on the above-mentioned subject. Thank you for sharing this with everyone.

    Louise Jones

    I always comment on the things I read. I think it’s important to tell the person you’re reading about that you like their idea, product etc. I agree that it’s all about building a ‘community’ and encouraging others. A lot of us work alone and to get praise from other people who you may not even know is lovely and a great confidence booster.
    Keep the posts coming Kelly! x


    I have to say, I hadn’t really thought about it until you put it that way. I tend to comment if something really grabs my interest so it’ll be on things that are relevant to me or appeal to me in some way. I probably don’t comment as often as I could because I very rarely manage to get back and see if anyone has replied to me.

    Elisabetta {Linen & Silk}

    Kelly thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. Since I’ve started my blog, I’ve really struggled to get feedback via comments. I too can see that people are reading the blog, but I hardly ever get a comment. Sometimes I wonder how the vendors I feature feel about it…
    I do have a day job so I don’t get to read blogs every day or as much as I would, but when I do and I’ve enjoyed the feature, I try my best to leave comments.
    As you say, as bloggers we want people to comment because it is encouraging to the photographer or the couple, but I feel that it boosts our own confidence too. And it’s true- we don’t write for ourselves, but for brides + grooms and for other wedding professionals hoping that we can inspire them… However, to know that people are enjoying what we write gives us a lot of happiness and encourages us to keep going, even when times are tough. I’m sure that in time more & more people will rely on the web as a source of information and inspiration for their weddings. Also the introduction on the market of gadgets that make us more interactive human beings is probably going to change the way people ‘consume’ our content (easier & more accessible content = more direct and immediate interaction opportunities).
    I will definitely do my best to try and comment on blogs a lot more. Thank you once again for writing about this. xx

    Jaye Cole

    I am a ‘commenter’ – that said, I read so many blogs a day that I tend to comment most on the articles that most grab me. Mostly real weddings. Least on interviews.

    Not that it is a specific issue with Boho – but with some blogs they make it an a*s ache to leave a comment (requiring that you login, subscribe, etc). Again – not a problem with Boho – but for other blog owners, I think it is important for them to know. Even for a big commenter like myself, I am sooooo turned off by having to login.

    I think it would be nice – for creating dialogue – to be able to subscribe to individual posts.

    All that said, I am now going to be more mindful to take the extra few seconds to comment directly on the blog more often. :)

    Hannah Mia

    I am so guilty of not leaving comments on blogs – as an oldschool blogger who used Livejournal from the age of 14, I was great at commenting on those, where there’s a real sense of a community, but, on wedding blogs I find it hard to know if my comments are welcome – I often feel there’s a blogging community that I’m not a part of.

    I should definitely comment more though as I do wish I had more comments on my own blog and would welcome them from anyone… And I am a massive blog junkie and I don’t think anyone knows I’m reading!



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    Adam Swindells

    Great post. I read blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc, but very rarely comment, but that is because if there’s a lot of comments already I oft assume everythings already been said!


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    I think alot of website owners are tired of the spam so they close down the comment section. It’s unfortunate because it’s nice to communicate with individuals who share your interests and the comment section is a great way to do that!

    Jason Moody

    The problem is that many people don’t have the confidence to leave comments. It doesn’t help that some blog owners, if the comment is something they disagree with, can be very aggressive in dealing with it, rather than entering into a civilised discussion about it. So you tend to end up with a small group that comment regularly.


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    When I read a good blog post, it isn’t lost upon me that someone took time to write and edit it. And, in some cases, license photos illustrate their point. If I leave a comment, it is a small thing I can do to let the author know I appreciate their work!!!

    Adam Smith

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    from my point of view You raised a good question. I appreciate it. I always wanted to sent feedback to every blog that i read so it was good and thank you for every wedding posts.

    Dan Baillie

    I feel this pain, in the end I decided to turn comments off on my wedding photography blog . But this has denied friends, family and well-wishers the opportunity to leave a nice message for the bride and groom, or even make nice comments on the photography.

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    Mandap Bazaar

    I totally agree with your sentiments that how you feel when you put in your effort into creating such an amazing blog but perhaps no comments on it, feel so discontented . Same happen with me as well.

    Mandap Bazaard


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    Flora Rexi

    Kelly, this is an excellent post. I believe that comments on a blog help to create a sense of community, and I’m aiming to do the same on my new site . It’s been fun getting to know your regular readers.

    C Brown Photo

    It’s amazing how many people will comment on a post about commenting.
    I’ve gotten used to blogs without comments. Sad, but true.
    Glad to see you’re seeing some blog love.


    If we read an interesting blog post we always leave a comment if you find something interesting its only good manners to let the person know.


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    Haley Thomas

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    Shalu bansal

    Totally agree with your concept. comments are most important for every blogger.
    I really enjoy to reading your articles.
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