Saturday Cinema: Sunita and Ravinder’s Hindu Wedding by Beautiful Life

Today’s Featured presentation on Saturday Cinema is brought to you by Beautiful Life Wedding Photography and Film. It’s a gorgeous Hindu Wedding and is completely stunning! I loved watching this film, there are so many traditions to take in, so many intricacies, and so many gorgeous things to look at. My favorite is Ravinder’s entrance on the horse, and also the bit with the coconut, which seems to feature quite a bit!

Sunita & Ravinder | Kelham Hall, Nottinghamshire from Beautiful Life Films on Vimeo.

The wedding is off Sunita and Ravinder which took place at Kelham Hall in Nottiongham.  Shaun & Joy told me a bit more about the day itsef. ‘After a bit of a crazy start (the
whole wedding party, guests and us stuck in traffic for about two hours!!) everyone eventually made it to Kelham Hall in Nottinghamshire and their Hindu Wedding got
underway. The day started with the ‘tying of the Sehra a ceremony where the Grooms sisters prepare him for the wedding and tie a veil of pearls over his face. This ceremony took place on the coach, it was really funny, I was perched on the driver’s seat with Shaun squeezed in next to me to record the action! Kelham Hall is a really interesting venue with lots of
different spaces all with a completely different feel and decor. The room where the Hindu ceremony was held had a big domed ceiling and as the Groom entered the sun shone through the windows at the top and created a haze in the room,. The mandap was beautiful,  it was beautifully decorated with fresh flowers. Sunita got ready at Kelham hall, she looked beautiful. Sunita was collected by the Mama’s (Sunita’s mums brothers) who are responsible for giving her away. The Mama’s put on all the brides bangles which have to go on a particular way because they are wide at one end and thinner at the other. After half the bangles were on Sunita noticed they were the wrong way around and they had to start again!

I asked Sunita and Ravi what their favourite memory was from the day and they both said it was when they saw each other for the first time in the Mandap. Ravi said he hadn’t seen Sunita for a few weeks as she had virtually moved back in with her parents to organise the wedding! They said they couldn’t stop staring and smiling at one another!

To see the full set of photos from this wedding click HERE

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    Neda Lahrodi-Blake

    What a lovely video, capturing all those beautiful colours and details. I’ve been to a Hindu wedding and it is amazing, colourful and traditional event. Lovely write up x


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