Inspiration Friday: Alternative Bridal Bouquets

Bridal Bouquets have moved on a lot in the past few years, from structured cascading arrangements to the now more unstructured, just picked look. Brides are now showing a lot more of their personality through their bouquets and moving away from flowers altogether. Some are choosing alternative bouquet ideas like recycled paper, or fabric for Eco reasons, deciding that flowers are just not for them, while others want to incorporate a Little bit of history into their bouquets by using old family jewellery or something that proves more sentimental. While other brides just want to be different and what better place to do this than in their bridal bouquet!

So I have done my research and hunted down the best of the alternative bouquets for you, believe me there were loads to choose from and unfortunately I havn’t been able to use everything that has been sent to me, other wise this post would be even longer than it is!!

So I hope you like my selection, do let me know which is your favorite!

Vintage and Crystal Bouquets
These are really popular at the moment and I’m pretty sure they are here to stay. Perfect for stylish brides who want to incorporate a vintage element into their wedding, also the perfect way to add something that holds sentimental meaning to the bride.

Debbie Carlisle Bouquets www.dcbouquets.co.uk (photo credits Emma Case)

Alternative Bridal Bouquets Alternative Bridal Bouquets

Alternative Bridal Bouquets

Jo Barnes Vintage www.jobarnesvintage.com

Alternative Bridal Bouquets  Alternative Bridal Bouquets


Judith Brown Jewellery www.judithbrownjewellery.co.uk

Alternative Bridal Bouquets


Love Bouquets www.lovebouquets.co.uk

Alternative Bridal Bouquets Alternative Bridal Bouquets

Alternative Bridal Bouquets(Photo Credit McAvoy Photography)

A great way to still have a flower look but with an alternative twist, Felt is hughley popular at the moment as it dosn’t fray when you cut it, so can be used for many designs

Lavender Blue Flowers  www.lavenderblueflowers.co.uk.

Alternative Bridal Bouquets Alternative Bridal Bouquets Alternative Bridal Bouquets

Alternative Bridal Bouquets

Felt and Buttons
Lots of designers are now incorporating buttons with felt and then using old bits of jewellery as well to create a multi media piece of art.

U and Mii www.uandmii.co.uk

Alternative Bridal Bouquets

Alternative Bridal Bouquets
Muscari Whites www.muscariwhites.co.uk (Photo credit Toast of Leeds)

Alternative Bridal Bouquets


Princess Laserton http://princesslasertron.com

Alternative Bridal Bouquets Alternative Bridal Bouquets Alternative Bridal Bouquets

Buttons on their own are also very popular, losts of different sizes, colours and textures to work with, so creating a really fun bouquet.

I heart Buttons www.iheartbuttons.co.uk

Alternative Bridal Bouquets Alternative Bridal Bouquets Alternative Bridal Bouquets


Beau Buttons www.beaubuttons.co.uk photo credit (Haywood Jones Photography)

Alternative Bridal Bouquets Alternative Bridal Bouquets

Alternative Bridal Bouquets
Paper makes a great substitute to flowers, you make them look completely realistic or more abstract, again like felt paper dosn’t fray so you can create different designs and lots of different colours

Sunny and Stumpy www.etsy.com/people/sunnyandstumpy

Alternative Bridal Bouquets Alternative Bridal Bouquets


And for something completely different!

Refinerii www.etsy.com/people/REFINERII

Alternative Bridal Bouquets

Image sourced simply perfect weddings

Alternative Bridal Bouquets

Image sourced Off beat bride

Alternative Bridal Bouquets

Lollipop Brides www.lollipopbrides.com

Alternative Bridal Bouquets Alternative Bridal Bouquets

Fantasy Floral Designs www.fantasyfloraldesigns.com

Alternative Bridal Bouquets

Image Sourced Off Beat Bride

Alternative Bridal Bouquets

My Ever After www.etsy.com/people/MyEverAfter

Alternative Bridal Bouquets

So there’s my selection, do let me know what you think, I’d love to know which one is your favourite.

Boho Boho Love

Kelly xx


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    thanks so much for our feature (Love Bouquets) love all the bouquets on here xxx great blog as ever

    Katie Vale

    Love these ideas. I couldn’t have the lollipop one though….I’d just have to eat it!

    And I have to be honest, the shell one is not for me. But that is a personal thing as shells freak me out!

    I just think this shows how much weddings have developed over the past few years and allowed imaginations and creativity excel!

    Love this article!



    Fantastic ideas and a nice alternative to the traditional flower bouquet. Some great links to add to my (growing) collection!

    Pixie Dav

    Love them!

    Had a button bouquet for my wedding and love the cookie one! glad it’s not actually edible as it would be gone in 2 seconds in my house! xx



    I am currently making my own brooch bouquet, and I love the shape of yours. How do you do that? Do you have a cone or styrofoam piece that you use? If you could give me any tips I would greatly appreciate it!

    Heather :)


    I’m so glad you posted this. My fiance is allergic to just about anything outdoor, so I was expecting to have to try different flowers one at a time to see what we’d be able to use. This post solved my problem!


    Love these ideas, we’re getting married abroad and i was worried that if i had a flower bouquet i wouldn’t get it back to England in one piece!


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