Ask the Experts: 10 Wedding Myths Busted from Carmela Weddings

In a digital world where there is information flying at your from all angles, it’s easy to get confused or overwhelmed with what to expect about your wedding. The dos and don’ts, should and must haves are always different for people and so there are lots of opinions to wade through whilst doing your research! So today, we have invited one of our in-house wedding experts to shed some light and do some myth busting! Carmela Weddings are here this afternoon with some absolutely brilliant advice, so make sure you read this before getting carried away elsewhere!

Ask the Experts: 10 Wedding Myths Busted from Carmela Weddings

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Whether you’ve just bagged the bling or if you’re in the middle of wedding planning, you’ll discover tonnes of wedding myths that can leave you feeling overwhelmed, out-of-depth or downright confused. But don’t fret, ladies! We’re here to debunk those wedding myths so that you can get on with planning your wedding day, your way…

  1. 1) One of the most common wedding myths is that you’ll cry, a lot. From the moment you get engaged, choose your wedding dress or even as you walk down the aisle, it seems that people expect you to cry! But don’t worry if you don’t – it doesn’t mean you’ve got cold feet or that your heart’s not in it. It just means that you deal with it differently. Many bridal boutiques say you know you’ve found the perfect dress when you can’t stop smiling, looking in the mirror or twirling around!

2) Many people say that one year is the perfect amount of time to plan your wedding day, but in reality, there is no ideal amount of time to plan your wedding nor is there the right amount of money to spend – you’ve got to do what suits you!

Ask the Experts: 10 Wedding Myths Busted from Carmela Weddings

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3) On the other hand, you’ll hear lots of people saying “It’s your day”. While it definitely is your day, and it should reflect both you and your hubby or wife-to-be, make sure you take into account your friends and family. Many guests will be travelling hundreds of miles and forking out money for accommodation and new outfits, because they want to spend the day celebrating with you. So, consider timings, food and entertainment when it comes to your guests to ensure they’re happy.

4) If you’re on a strict budget, you may think a DIY wedding is the way forward. While a DIY wedding can be easier on the purse-strings and it can often be fun to get friends and family involved, make sure that you don’t give your guests too many tasks that may stop them enjoying the wedding. You wouldn’t want them to miss out on an integral moment of your big day because they were organisnig the music playlist or rearranging the centrepieces!

5) One wedding myth suggests that it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding ceremony, but in fact, many couples are opting for a ‘first look’ ahead of the wedding ceremony. Intimate, romantic and truly unforgettable, this is a lovely moment for your photographer to capture and it’s a special few minutes ahead of the most important day of your life. It’s also a wonderful idea because the day will whizz by so quickly and you’ll be so busy chatting, laughing and dancing with your guests.

Ask the Experts: 10 Wedding Myths Busted from Carmela Weddings

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6) You don’t have to stick to traditional wedding confetti if you don’t want to. While brides and grooms once opted for grains of rice and shredded paper, modern couples are getting more and more creative when it comes to their wedding confetti. From glitter, sequins and even ribbons, opt for confetti that you feel truly reflects you as a couple as well as your wedding theme.

7) Once you’ve got that ring on your finger, you do not automatically become a bridezilla. Planning a wedding takes a lot of work, time and effort, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. As long as you’ve chosen suppliers that you feel understand your wedding day and you’ve given yourself enough time to plan it, you’ll be feeling more bridechilla than bridezilla. If you do feel yourself getting overwhelmed, take some time out from wedding planning and have a quick break. You’ll go back feeling refreshed, organised and ready to tackle the dreaded seating plan!

Ask the Experts: 10 Wedding Myths Busted from Carmela Weddings

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8) The perception that the groom won’t get involved with the wedding planning is totally untrue! It’s vital that you plan your wedding together. Your groom may have a particular aspect he wants to get involved in, such as the entertainment, the catering or sourcing suppliers. Work together and delegate certain tasks if needed, but ultimately the day needs to be a reflection of you both.

9) Another myth to give the boot is the fact that you don’t have to stick to any wedding tradition! If, as a bride, you want to give a speech, go for it! If you don’t fancy rocking a white dress, who says you have to? If a first dance isn’t your thing, forget about it.

10) There are always going to be a few hiccups along the way, and chances are there will be a few more on the day itself. And while your big day may not be completely perfect, it won’t matter! Whether it’s torrential rain or your flower-girl has a tantrum, you will be so busy marrying the love of your life that you won’t mind one bit. It’ll be perfect for the both of you – no matter what happens!



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