Ask the Experts: Bridal Emergency Checklists with Carmela Weddings – What You Can’t Afford to Forget on Your Big Day!

It’s that time of year when summer brides are checking the to-do list, crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s. What could you have possibly forgotten?! Well today we are welcoming back our in-house wedding experts to talk about the bridal emergency kit! From makeup to snacks, they’ve got everything covered. Add it to your to-do list folks, its a quick and simple solution we hope you won’t need, but could save the day! With thanks to Lisa and Sam from  Carmela Weddings for this wonderful advice!

What should you have close by on your wedding day?

 While you may have planned your wedding day to perfection, there are bound to be a few hiccups along the way and chances are, said hiccups will be out of your control. Whether you spill a drink on your dress or your bridesmaid’s heel breaks, there are always going to be accidents that you simply can’t avoid. But what you can do is be prepared!

Ask the Experts: Bridal Emergency Checklist with Carmela Weddings

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We recommending anticipating anything and everything, which is why we pack an emergency bridal kit for any wedding we plan. Bursting with make-up, sewing kits and even food, our ‘just in case’ wedding kit can easily save the day – trust us! While you may not have even thought about packing a bridal survival bag, we certainly wouldn’t show up to a wedding without it. Keep on reading to find out what to pack in yours. You can thank us later…

We’d recommend keeping your emergency kit in the Bridal Suite or in a safe place at your wedding venue – if so, make sure your bridal party know exactly where to find it should disaster strike. Alternatively, you can delegate the kit to your team of ‘maids, and one of them could pack it in a pretty clutch bag.

Ask the Experts: Bridal Emergency Checklist with Carmela Weddings

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First things first, pack spare make-up! Whether it’s lipstick top-ups or redoing your mascara (think of all of those happy tears), you’ll definitely be turning to your make-up bag at some point during your big day. Plus, your bridesmaids will probably need to top up their make-up too. You don’t need to pack your whole cosmetics drawer, but definitely bring a few essential items. This will also ensure you’re looking picture-perfect in your wedding photographs, and there would be nothing worse than flicking through your wedding album to see smudged mascara.

A compact mirror is also super handy to have in your kit. Whether you have a quick glance at your make-up or to check you haven’t got any leftover food in your teeth (imagine your photographs), we would never be without a mirror at any wedding. Speaking of food between your teeth, this dentist in Sydney recommends stashing a few toothpicks as well to get rid of those nasty food particles

Ask the Experts: Bridal Emergency Checklist with Carmela Weddings

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Other essentials include a pair of tweezers – they’ll definitely come in handy with those pesky fake eyelashes! A pack of tissues is also a must-have for your emergency bridal kit, and we can guarantee that you’ll be reaching for them throughout your special day.

Ask the Experts: Bridal Emergency Checklist with Carmela Weddings

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While it may be every brides’ biggest nightmare, it’s always worth being prepared for any wedding dress mishaps! Whether it’s staining or an accidental snag, a sewing kit is always handy to pack in your kit. A needle and thread, buttons, safety pins and scissors are all absolutely essential. At Carmela Weddings we also always bring white chalk – it’s perfect for quick and effective dress cover-ups. We suggest including tape and plasters in your wedding kit too – while those shoes may be beautiful, they might cause blisters half-way through your first dance. You may also want to bring a pair of flat or comfy shoes for later on in the day. If you’re wearing a long dress, no one will ever know the difference!

Ask the Experts: Bridal Emergency Checklist with Carmela Weddings

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When it comes to weddings, we’ve seen it all before. You’d be surprised at how many brides feel faint or lethargic during their wedding, and it’s because they’ve simply been too nervous or excited (usually both) to remember to eat or drink. That’s why we’d always recommend packing a few tasty snacks in your emergency kit. Whether it’s a quick nibble before the ceremony or a sandwich during the evening, if you find you’re feeling hungry you can grab some food. No bride wants to get hangry on her wedding day!

Ask the Experts: Bridal Emergency Checklist with Carmela Weddings

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An emergency bridal kit wouldn’t be the same without some glue. From nails falling off, heels breaking, décor disasters or even jewellery, a tube of glue really will save the day. If you also suffer from headaches, migraines or allergies, pack Paracetamol and anti-allergy tablets so you can tackle them straight away. It would be awful to have something like a headache spoil your special day.

An emergency kit is also a lovely gift if one of your bridesmaids is tying the knot. While you may not even need to use anything from your emergency bridal kit, we promise you that you’ll be able to enjoy your day properly without worrying about any potential disasters. Wedding dress stains? Not a problem. Hair that can’t be tamed? No longer an issue! Your kit will mean you can say ‘I Do’ no matter what happens.

Ask the Experts: Bridal Emergency Checklist with Carmela Weddings

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