Honeymoon Ideas – 5 Alternative Honeymoons to Try in 2017

Today Tom, our resident Honeymoon Expert, has some exciting alternative ideas for honeymoon destinations. There once was a time when a 2 week beach holiday was almost expected of a honeymoon, but now the popularity of mini-moons, multiple breaks and even year long getaways make the options endless! I’d love to disappear for a year, take my work on my laptop and see the world at my own pace on a backpacking honeymoon!


5 Alternative Honeymoons to Try in 2017

For anyone who has recently tied the knot, or is about to head down the aisle, a great honeymoon is something to remember all your lives. Why not try something different from the norm and have an experience of a lifetime, while celebrating your new lives together? The following are some suggestions for the best in alternative and unusual honeymoons.

Cruise around the Galapagos

Honeymoon Ideas - 5 Alternative Honeymoons to Try in 2017

There’s nothing quite like a cruise, but instead of doing the usual rounds of the Greek Islands or the Mediterranean coast, why not head off to more exciting climes with a cruise around the Galapagos Islands? Known as the “Enchanted Islands,” the Galapagos are located off the coast of Ecuador and besides the gorgeous scenery, you will get to meet the fascinating, and often unique, residents of these islands. View the flora and fauna in what is a unique ecosystem, including the land iguanas, giant tortoises and friendly sea lions. Meet the colourful flamingos, blue-footed boobies and penguins in their natural habitat, along with the famous Darwin’s finches. The climate is mild, making the Galapagos an all-year-round destination for an unusual honeymoon.


Volunteer Abroad

Honeymoon Ideas - 5 Alternative Honeymoons to Try in 2017

Volunteering is always a rewarding and life-enhancing experience. Imagine heading off to foreign lands, helping the locals, while enjoying an unusual honeymoon? One example is volunteering on the beautiful Wild Coast of South Africa, with its gorgeous, rugged beaches and stunning scenery. You can help with major beach cleanups in the area with a group of fellow volunteers, or get involved in the Wild Coast Schools and Community Project, enhancing the education of the poorer village and rural school children, getting them involved in sport and offering them computer literacy skills for a worthwhile future. This is a fun experience for both volunteers and, of course, the kids themselves. You could also head to India for a combination of local community work and Yoga for the ultimate spiritual break in incredible surroundings. There are so many options out there, if you decide to volunteer in some way there will be a project perfect for you.


Backpack Around the World

Honeymoon Ideas - 5 Alternative Honeymoons to Try in 2017

For the more free-spirited newlywed couple, what could be more adventurous than strapping on a backpack and taking on the world? While you will obviously need quite a bit more spare time for this type of honeymoon, the rewards are endless. You can experience the culture, languages and cuisine of other countries at your own pace, stopping off along the way in charming hostels and pensions. Try hiking in the Alps in France, Italy and Switzerland, or exploring in Chile or Peru. Take off to Hawaii or New Zealand, walking in lush and wonderful scenery as you explore the landscape. The possibilities are endless.


Go on a City Break

Honeymoon Ideas - 5 Alternative Honeymoons to Try in 2017

Enjoy a honeymoon in one of the great cities of Europe. Visit Berlin in Germany with its many fascinating and historic museums, while enjoying the local food and the best German beer. Head to Madrid and experience the lifestyle of Spain’s capital, while enjoying a shopping and dining experience unlike any other. Visit historic and fascinating Rome, exploring the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica and the various museums, while tucking into the best of Italian cuisine. Staying in Italy, what could be more romantic than a gondola ride in beautiful Venice, taking you from your hotel to the nearby restaurants and attractions? If you’re looking to save on budget, these options will help you save on flights so you can indulge in accommodation and activities as you wish.


Take a Walk

Honeymoon Ideas - 5 Alternative Honeymoons to Try in 2017

Talking of taking a hike, Spain has some great options for an alternative honeymoon. “El Camino de Santiago,” or Way of St. James, has attracted pilgrims and hikers since the Middle Ages, and the various well-worn routes of El Camino all culminate in the historic and beautiful city of Santiago de Compostela. Along the way newlyweds can enjoy camping in the countryside, or a stay in the often rather rustic traditional hostels, along with the delicious local food. Alternatively head down to the south of Spain and enjoy hiking in the countryside close to the Costa del Sol, camping in the various sites along the coast or heading inland to visit the quaint white villages of the area with their narrow winding streets and attractive flower-strewn houses.

Whatever your choice of honeymoon, there’s a great big world out there. Make it a trip to remember for a lifetime and something to brag to the kids about in later years.



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