On the day Co-ordination – the benefits from the suppliers themsleves.

As a wedding planner I have to admit that sometimes the hardest thing is convincing a couple that they need a wedding planner.
In my experience the most popular service we offer is On the day Co-ordination or Wedding Day Management. Those brides and grooms who have used the service will swear by it and many couples who haven’t wished they did.
So when I came across this Discussion on Linked in I had to share some of the industry professionals thoughts on the benefits of hiring a planner for help with On the day co-ordination.

The discussion was started off my Patricia Pardy owner of It’s your event in Canada. She asked the question:
”Ever attended or observed weddings that have a day-of coordinator vs. those weddings that do not? Please share personal stories or experiences how a day-of coordinator may have “saved the day!”

Here are some of the responses:

We assist them as much as we can but brides don’t realize the importance of hiring a planner/coordinator. Whenever they reserve with us I ask them if they have one and if they don’t we suggest they use a professional instead of a relative.
Miguel Hernandez – Southern Elegance Limousines

Having a designated coordinator is extremely important.
David Stoltz – Owner, DJ Stoltz Records

I still wished I had a wedding day coordinator. My wedding was in my garden and it rained, which caused problems. We did not have a tent. The ushers didn’t know what to do. No one thought about bringing the flower centerpieces into the house, which would have been nice instead of them staying outside in the rain. Also, guests were sweeping leaves off the floor; something a coordinator would have done. I feel a wedding day coordinator would have taken care of things like that.
Donna Ditges – Owner, Foto Flix, Portrait Photography, Photo Montages & digital transfer

I have seen some real disasters when Brides selected not to have a Wedding planner. I make the cake for me it so much better when they have that key person checking in with all the vendors. I push every Bride I see to spend the money, it so well worth it! Evey Wedding needs a planner.
Donna Joy – Pastry Chef -Owner, Sedona Sweet Arts ,Sedona Wedding Cakes

I have been to weddings where the bride was literally exhausted – worn out before she has even had her dinner. They were stressed out with worry all day or simply running around trying to accomplish last minute tasks. Having a wedding coordinator taking care of your worries & last minute errands will let you enjoy the $20K or more you just spent.
Patricia Pardy owner of It’s your event

I always encourage my couples to hire a professional. the ones that do usually are much less stressed and can enjoy their day more!
Rev Lisa Ann Donegan – Sacred Spirit Sanctuary

In 2009 nearly one half of the couples who would normally have hired a full-on wedding planner to help them find vendors to style and produce their weddings decided to forego that option and low and behold… SURPRISE they were overwhelmed. Those who used the planners were happy. Those who didn’t were disappointed about some sore point that to this day irks them.
Terry Gruber – Pro Photographer, Author, Business Owner

I do hope that brides reading this take the advice of the suppliers and hire a planner for the day. Your wedding day is the most special day of your life, so don’t entrust these duties with a family member or friend, call in the professionals and get the job done propperly……..then you can have the stress free day you deserve.

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    As an event planner in Israel , I agree with everything you wrote!
    The wedding day is as stress day for the couple , so in order to make the best of it, after planning it for a long timer, you better have the stress free day you deserve!

    Event Planner in Israel
    Simcha Maker

    Fiona - Firenza Floral Design

    As a wedding florist who has worked both with and without planners, I can honestly say that having a GOOD planner involved in the run up and on the day can make a massive difference. There are inevitably issues that crop up, that as a supplier you may hesitate to bring up with the bride for fear of “worrying” her. You can (and do) make decisions yourself, but it makes my life a lot easier if a planner that you trust is involved. You can discuss the issue and come up with a good solution, knowing that someone with an overall feel for the day agrees – it helps alleviate some of that stress! The more we work with planners, the more we understand each other and the whole dynamic becomes brilliant, which can only benefit the happy couple.


    Love this post! Thank you for bringing this up…many venues here in southern California will not work with you unless you have a coordinator and I think those are the smarter venues.


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