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I had such a great weekend that I have woke up today feeling all refreshed and relaxed. Such a great start to the week. How are you all? Did you have a good weekend? Today we are pleased to being back our weekly DIY feature to the blog and a big thanks must go to April at Farm House Weddings for this great, not one but two detailed DIY posts.  A DIY Rag Garland and a Card Suitcase.  Both DIY posts can be used to make a complete look.  How great!

1a Styled Suitcase 1 DIY

April from Farm House Weddings tells us more about the two tutorials

Today you are in for a real treat. Two tutorials for the price of one! Can I get a yee-haw?

First, I will show you how to make a super-cute rag garland and then…I will show you how to use said rag garland to style a festive “Cards” suitcase for collecting all those sentiments (and gifts) from family and friends, at the wedding.

The Rag Garland

This is a very simple item to make and so pretty to boot. Once you gather your supplies, you can turn on your favorite tunes and rock out while you make the garland or you could put your MUm on speaker and catch up, while you make the garland, or you could watch your favorite TV program, while you make the garland, it’s that easy!

STEP 1)  Cut each piece of fabric into strips that measure 6” x 1”  *For a 28” Rag Garland you will need approximately 140 total strips

Rag Garland and Card Suitcase002 Rag Garland and Card Suitcase003 Rag Garland and Card Suitcase004

STEP 2) Tie a knot in your 33” rope, at one end

Rag Garland and Card Suitcase005

STEP 3) Begin by tying a strip, on to the rope, using a simple knot and slide to the end of the rope.  Add another strip by tying another knot and sliding tightly to the end of the rope, keeping the knots fairly tight together as you go. You may want to do a pattern with your fabric strips or you can randomly tie them on- whatever floats your boat.

Rag Garland and Card Suitcase006 Rag Garland and Card Suitcase007

STEP 4) Keep tying and tying and tying and tying- halfway there…

STEP 5) Once all your strips are tied on, knot the end… voila- your Rag Garland is complete. And just try to resist the urge to wear it as a scarf! Seriously, it is so soft and fluffy.

Rag Garland and Card Suitcase009

Styling a Suitcase Card Catcher

Rag Garland and Card Suitcase008

STEP 1) Tie the Rag Garland to your opened suitcase or attach using glue dots or a dab of hot glue.

STEP 2) For the sign…I attached scrabble tiles (using glue dots) to a small chalkboard to create the “Cards for the Couple” sign. You could also write on the chalkboard or print out your lettering and place in a frame.

  • Scrabble tiles are available on Etsy and Ebay
Rag Garland and Card Suitcase010

STEP 3) Tie your three books together with lace, ribbon or twine and stack inside of suitcase to prop your chalkboard sign

STEP 4) Pick some posies to add to a vessel of your choice and sit inside of suitcase.

STEP 5) Place your styled suitcase at the entrance of your venue on an old chair or table so that guests have easy access.

Rag Garland and Card Suitcase011

At the end of the evening, have a trusty friend remove the flowers and books, close the suitcase and place in your get-away vehicle. You and your hubby will have fun reading though the cards, together.

So that’s it! You can re-use the Rag Garland after the wedding, in your home- hang it over a mirror or on a door. It will be a sweet reminder of your beautiful day!


For more information on Farmhouse Fresh Weddings

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