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I had the most wonderful weekend so today for a Monday I am feeling rather happy. I spent Saturday with Fearne watching her dancing and in the evening I made the most delicious Thai Curry from a recipe I found on Pinterest. Yesterday was spent being in front of the camera rather than behind as Paul and I did a bit of modelling (I use that term lightly!) for Jon of S6 Photography workshop in Sheffield. This coming week is full of weddings related goodness and Kelly and I have some really amazing weddings to share with you all this week so stay tuned!

Today we are back with our popular DIY post and we would like to say a huge thanks to Alice from Market Place Farm for sharing todays DIY post of a Willow Wreath

Willow Wreath

you will need

STEP 1) To create the frame for your wreath you need to use the thickest rod of willow in your pile. Once you have selected this hold the fat end in your hand and bend the whippy end around until you have a circle like shape. Hook the whippy end in to make it look a bit like a pretzel. It should look something like this.

Willow Wreath

STEP 2) Place your next piece of willow alongside the thick end sticking out. Move it round the circle so that the thick end is now at the opposite end of your hoop. Weave the whippy end in and out, following the path of your first piece

Willow Wreath

STEP 3) Repeat this with your next piece of willow, ensure the weave is an even width by moving the thick ends so they all stick out at different angles.

Willow Wreath

STEP 4) It’s time to trim up. Use your secateurs to trim off all the bits of willow sticking out. For a more sleek finish cut them on an angle!

Willow Wreath

STEP 5) Your hoop is finished! If it is slightly out of shape you can now push and pull it until its round. Wrap garland around the wreath following the pattern of the willow. You may want to get creative and add individual flowers along your wreath, wrap with fairy lights or even just leave bare.

willow wreath willow wreath

Your willow will eventually dry out and turn golden brown, depending on the time of year you weave your hoop will depend on how long it takes to dry out, however they are equally as beautiful green and brown!


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      It’s a great DIY post to follow Stacey. Please do share your images with us once you have made it! Kelly C


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