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Boho Pins - Flower Crowns

Boho Pins: Flower Crowns

Welcome along to another edition of Boho Pins, where I delve into my pinterest board collection and choose one to share with you. If you’re planning a wedding then pinterest is the perfect visual planning tool. Fantastic for putting ideas together and keeping all your ideas organised! You can find me here pinterest.com/bohoweddings and I update my boards on a daily basis! Today is all about the Flower crown, a bridal accessory that I… Read more »

Vintage Photo Booth Hire



Flower Crowns

Bridal Style: Flower Crowns

Today I am talking flower crowns a bridal must have that is getting more and more popular! Flower crowns are a beautiful addition to any wedding outfit, and are suitable not only for the bride but for the bridesmaids and flower girls as well. They can be big, small, medium size, HUGE! they can be one colour or a mixture of colours. They can tie in with your wedding… Read more »

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