The Boho Christmas Bash……a sneak peak

Morning all and welcome to another week! only 2 working weeks before christmas now, so not long to go to go! Personally I am in real need for a rest so I am really looking forward to a few days off!

Today I can’t resist a bit of a sneak peak! As you know I held the Big Boozy Boho Christmas bash last week, and the lovely Nicola from Nicola Thompson Photography has been working hard to get me the pictures so I can share them all with you. I will be blogging the whole lot tomorrow but for now here are a just a few to keep you going!

The full set of Photo Booth photos from Booth Revolution can be seen HERE

Boho Christmas party Boho Christmas party Boho Christmas party

Boho Christmas party

Boho Christmas party Boho Christmas party Boho Christmas party Boho Christmas party Boho Christmas party Boho Christmas party Boho Christmas party Boho Christmas party

I love these pictures, and can’t wait to share the full set with you tomorrow, make sure you pop by tomorrow.
Thanks again to Nicola for her fab work

Nicola Thompson Photography
07525 233778
[email protected]

Big Thanks again to Team Boho, without these people the party wouldn’t have happened.

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    Nicola Thompson

    Aw, I really enjoyed my evening taking creative pics of lots of wonderfully creative people! They made it an easy job. Thanks everyone for being so tolerant of my snapping and I hope you enjoy the full set tomorrow. Better get a move on…!

    Nic - Lady Penelope Cars

    Ha ha, Can’t wait to see the rest! That may be the greatest picture anyone has ever taken of me! I’ve still got friction burns on my knees.

    It seemed like Nicola was constantly snapping. I don’t think I saw her take a break… what a trouper!


    I agree Nic, I kept saying tp her you can stop now, go adn have a drink, but she kept on going. I’m sure there will be many mroe fo you tomorrow xxxx

    Nicola Thompson

    Once im in the swing of it I cant stop snapping! I had lots to drink too so dont worry about that – sure you’ll see the pics getting riskier and riskier toward the end… v funny. xx


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