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Unless you have a major role to play, being a guest at weddings usually involves plenty of spectating. But with the trend emerging for super hi tech weddings, now is the time to make your wedding day as hands-on as possible. Creating ways to keep your guests entertained and involve them in your special day has never been easier.

Here are just some of the ways you can create a truly interactive experience for you and your family and friends. From games to food, for every kind of budget and all the hi-tech you can shake a Wii remote at.

Jigsaw invite (2)

(Photo sources – Left – Weddingfully.com – Right – Design A Emporter)

Interactive Invites – Film your invitation and put it on YouTube, send a puzzle with pieces arriving on different days so that your guests get to build a picture of what your wedding day will involve. Ask your guests to provide you with song choices, funny stories about the groom or messages to read out from those that can’t be with you.

wedding music

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All Join In – Give your guests parts to play. Aside from the more traditional roles of ushers, bridesmaids, best man etc, there are now unlimited ways you can involve every guest if you so wish. From asking the more musical amongst them to form a wedding band, to providing home-cooked food, handmade invitations and of course, the conga at the end of the night.

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Tweet Live – Set up your own twitter account for the big day; ask your guests and those who are sharing your day virtually, to send you messages of congratulations and love. You could set up a projector in your reception room so that tweets are streamed live.

Share The Love – Why not set up your own blog for people to follow as your special day approaches. You can not only use it for giving people little sneak peeks and insights into the crazy world of wedding-planning, you can also encourage guests to send you messages, photos and memories if you are looking at ways to involve them in your speeches. Use community sites like Facebook and Instagram to upload piccies during the day.

Etsy message board (2)

(Photo sources – Left Image – Etsy.com. Right Image – Martha Stewart – Photo by Annie McElwain Photography)

Message Wall – If you haven’t quite grasped social media and prefer a much more hands on approach, pin up a huge piece of paper and provide pens and paper on each table. Invite your friends and family to pin messages on there for you to read and enjoy afterwards. Or why not take a walk in the woods and find a large twig, spray it gold and cut leaf shapes from paper for guests to write on and attach. Depending on the feel or theme of your wedding you can really let your imagination run wild.

Moustaches (2)

(Photo sources – Left Image – Photo Emporium.  Right Image – Photo by Brighton Photo)

Photo booth/Video booth – Now a staple at many weddings, this is the new ‘disposable cameras on tables’ way of getting much more relaxed and fun memories of your wedding party. If budget is an issue, you can easily create your own by hanging a streamer curtain as your backdrop and filling a suitcase full of crazy props.

outdoor games

(Photo sources – All Images– Photo by Rachel Lindsy)

Lawn games and funfairs – A bored guest is not a happy guest. Depending on the size of your venue and the duration of your wedding day, giving your guests ways to pass the time between ceremony and reception is a sure-fire way to keep the buzz going and the atmosphere fun and fulfilling. From simple table games to help with the inevitable introductions around the table, to challenges on the lawn, like chess, a coconut shy or an It’s A Knockout style tournament, if you don’t provide the entertainment, you can rest assured the party-people amongst your guests will find something to pass the time and it will inevitably include something they are not supposed to be doing!

bouncy hoppesr

Hook a duck

(Photo sources – Top Image – Photo by Simon DeweyBottom Image– Photo by Belinda McCarthy)

Kids stuff – Keeping the little ones entertained is a sure-fire way to keep a smile on everyone’s faces. Happy child equals relaxed parents and more fun all round. A dedicated children’s entertainer or room with games consoles and a massive arts and crafts box will mean more room on the dance floor for dad dancing!

I’d love to hear what you did at your wedding to involve your guests. Do you like your guests to be as involved as possible, or simply spectate? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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