Bridal Style: 10 Minute Bridal Make-up – 2 Key Looks


10-minute Bridal Make-up

Today we are talking Make-Up, but specifically super fast make up! Now I have to admit I take an age to get ready, a good 30 minutes to get my face done, 20 minutes for a quick look, so when I was sent this book 10 Minute Make-Up by Boris Entrup, I was interested straight away! Anything that can get my face made up quicker has to be a good thing surely!

Today I have picked out two classic make up looks from the book that can be used in Bridal make up as well; Chocolate Eyes and Red Lips. These give you quick and easy ways to transform your face from bare to totally fabulous! The book not only offers 50 step by step guides, but also lots of useful make up hints and tips!

8 10 minute make up - Chocolate eyes

1. Eyeshadow – Using a rounded brush, circle your eye with chocolate-brown eyeshadow powder. Using a larger brush, soften the edges.

2 10 minute make up - Chocolate eyes

2. Pencil Eyeliner – For even more expressive eyes, outline the eyes with a pencil eyeliner that matches the eyeshadow. Don’t forget the inner corners. Then, brush
eyeshadow over the eyeliner to set it.

3 10 minute make up - Chocolate eyes

3. Mascara – To finish off this sensuous eye make-up, curl your eyelashes to give them a lift and then apply lots of mascara.

4 10 minute make up - Chocolate eyes

4. Outline – Use dark face powder to sculpt the face. Shade in the area below the cheekbone and upwards to the temple.

5 10 minute make up - Chocolate eyes

5. Gloss – Just use light nude gloss to emphasize your natural lip colour.

6 10 minute make up - Chocolate eyes 1 10 minute make up - Chocolate eyes
  • TIP: There are countless ways of emphasizing brown eyes. Tone-on-tone makes brown eyes look sensuous. Colours such as lilac, green, and grey make eyes really stand out. Cool colours, in particular, really accentuate brown eyes – just try it out!



7 10 minute make up - Red Lips

1. Eyeshadow – Apply eyeshadow over the upper lid with a rounded brush. Blend in the eyeshadow above the eye crease so the colour fades in gently up to the bottom of the brow line.

2 10 minute make up - Red Lips

2. Mascara – For a sensational lash look, apply several layers of mascara to the upper lashes.

3 10 minute make up - Red Lips

3. Lip outline – To draw the outline more easily, rest your hand on your chin. To draw an even outline, make sure you hold the pencil straight.

4 10 minute make up - Red Lips

4. Lipstick – Carefully fill in the outline with lipstick, using a lip brush, and follow the outline precisely. Blot the lipstick, dust the lips with powder, and reapply the

5 10 minute make up - Red Lips 1 10 minute make up - Red Lips
  • TIP: With a bit of practice, it is easy to draw the perfect lip outline. You don’t have to follow your natural lip line exactly. You can improve small imperfections with a lip brush. Since one’s own lips rarely are perfect, use lip liner and lipstick to create your own ideal lip line. A perfectly shaped mouth has top and bottoms lips that are almost the same size.


10-minute Make-up, by Boris Entrup, published by DK, £12.99, dk.com 

Available to buy HERE

10 Minute Make-Up




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