DIY Tutorial: Paper Windmills

DIY Tutorial

I am delighted to welcome back Andrea Pittam from Kiss the Frog to the blog today. Andrea is a photographer as well as crafter and last time showed us how to make these Clay Angel Christmas Decorations. Today Andrea is showing us how to make these super cute paper windmills, which I just adore! I have seen so many of these paper windmills at weddings recently so this tutorial is perfect if you are looking to do something similar, plus they are pretty quick and easy to make.

paper windmills main you will need words


STEP 1) Take one square piece of paper and fold diagonally.  Flatten the paper out and fold on the other diagonal.

1 DIY Paper Windmills

STEP 2) Use the scissors to cut on all the diagonal lines leaving 1 cm before you reach the middle of the square.

2 DIY Paper Windmills

STEP 3) Pierce holes at the five points indicated by the arrows in the photograph.

3 DIY Paper Windmills

STEP 4) Bend the card by taking each outer pierced point towards the middle and insert the paper fastener.  Do this for the other three pierced points, fastening each section to the paper fastener as you go.

4 DIY Paper Windmills

STEP 5) Push the paper fastener through the centre of the windmill and open it fully.

5 DIY Paper Windmills

STEP 6) Turn the windmill over and use the fastener to secure it to the stick.  Use a little PVA glue to secure the stick in place.

6 DIY Paper Windmills 7 DIY Paper Windmills


For more information on Andrea’s work go to

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Andrea Pittam is an artist in the UK.  After starting out in portrait and wedding photography and also graphic design, Andrea became involved with an art event where she was commissioned to paint a life sized lion for charity.  Since this time Andrea has broadened her artistic portfolio which now involves many craft projects which are created for homes and suitable for parties.  Andrea’s work is feminine, colourful and she is absolutely passionate about her artistic projects. 


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