Diary of a Boho Bride – Louise and Chris, Entry 3: My Thoughts on Wedding Fairs

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Today it’s the turn of Louise on Diary of  a Boho Bride. Last time Louise discussed with us what marriage means to her, and it was very interesting to hear her point of view and her thoughts on what will happen after the wedding. Today Louise discusses with us her thoughts on wedding fairs. Wedding fairs are great for some couples, but admittedly they aren’t for everyone, Louise isn’t a big fan and she gives her reasons below. I’d love to hear from you today to let me know your thoughts on the good old wedding fair, are you a fan or have you given them a wide berth?

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I’ll pass the Blog over to Louise…………

I have a confession. I’m a bride-to-be and I hate wedding fairs. And I’ve been to two. And bridal magazines don’t fare too well either….
When we first got engaged, on our weekly shop, I thrust a wedding magazine into our trolley; much to Chris’ raised eyebrows. And got home and eagerly turned the pages and felt nothing; don’t get me wrong the features, the real weddings, are fabulous to see – I love seeing other people’s wedding photos, seeing the happiness on everyone’s faces just gives me tingles but for inspiration for my own wedding; I felt nothing. And I was a bit disappointed, surely I was meant to get excited? So, I vowed never to buy another wedding magazine; that’s not to say I haven’t got a stash at home – people seem to pass these on via osmosis.

Next, on the official bride-to-be list was a wedding fair. I went with one of my friends and to be honest, I was dreading it a little bit and really, the fair did nothing to raise my expectations. Admittedly, I think this was our fault; we arrived late and I suspect most of the exhibitors had lost the will but frankly, I could not imagine any of this stuff at our wedding. I mean, chair covers – no, thanks and whilst I love a bit of sparkle; not that much sparkle. So, we went away vowing never to do that again. And then I saw another one advertised, in my home town. The cogs started turning; I’m the first daughter to get married so my mum’s never done anything like that before so I thought it might be a good day out with her and my niece who will be my one and only bridesmaid. So, again I went. Not at all positive this time. But to be honest, I did have a better time; maybe because we went early, we were offered a glass of fizz or two, so perhaps this made me look more fondly upon things. But honestly, again I could not imagine any of this stuff at our wedding.

I’ve been thinking about my distaste for the wedding fair and I think it’s only come about because of my love for blogs – gone are the days when chair covers and buttonholes for all of the guests were the done thing. Blogs like Boho, like Rock and Roll Bride make us realise that we can do weddings on our terms, that show our personalities and still do the most important thing; agree to share our life with another.

DIY wedding ideas

Balloons / Glitter votives / Marquee Letters / Sylvanian Families Bride and Groom

We’ve found most of our suppliers on the ‘net or recommended through friends and I think the ‘net gives us so much choice in finding our suppliers – wedding fairs and magazines are not the only place for us to find our perfect photographer – we could have a photographer from Lands End, from another country if we desire! I think also these days more and more couples are budgeting and saving for the big day themselves, this automatically offers more freedom – when you’re on a budget, can you afford really pay £4 for each chair cover when you have 100 guests – can you tell that chair covers are one of my most hated things?

I do think that things are changing, things like the Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza are coming about for the, shall we say, Etsy generation – for the people who like the idea of DIY but don’t have the time or skills to make it happen, I definitely fall into this category. So there is hope out there on the wedding fair front!

Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza


What about you? Are you a fan of wedding fairs? Did you find all of your suppliers at one? I’d be really interested to hear from you!


Love Louise


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