Diary of a Boho Bride – Louise and Chris, Entry 4: The Wedding Dress ‘Experience’

diary of a boho bride

Today I’m delighted to welcome back Louise to the blog. Last time Louise gave us her views on wedding fairs, today it is all about finding THE dress! So much emphasis is placed on finding the right dress, the stress that it can put some brides under is crazy, I have known one bride try on 86 different dresses and still not be able to find the one! Today Louise talks about her wedding dress ‘experience’ how much she was dreading it and how it actually turned out. Did she find her dress? well read on to find out!

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I’ll pass the blog over to Louise……..

It’s almost 6 months to our wedding (not that I’m counting or anything ;-)) and I have finally chosen my dress! This made me far more excited that I ever thought I would be.
I know that some women have chosen their dress before the venue but I was quite ambivalent about it; it certainly wasn’t because I don’t like clothes, that I don’t like dresses; on the contrary – I love nothing more than getting dressed up but the thought of going into a bridal shop gave me the fear.  I know that the pressure of finding a dress that would forever be engrained of our memories of the day got to me, I didn’t want to place loads of importance on such a shallow trifle when the most important aspect of the day was us actually getting married. But truth be told, as I’m far from being a sample size 10 – the thought of trying any dress on in a bridal shop scared me; what if I got stuck in the dress?; what if none of them fit me?; what if the women were horrible? I pulled myself together and thought sensibly – Chris asked me to marry me because of me, not because of how I’d look in a frilly dress so I thought ‘No pressure, I’ll get a dress from the high street or I’ll get one made; no pressure’ . Cue loads of pressure. So I put off looking for a dress for a few months.

Then December came round and my reading of wedding forums began to scare me – ‘You need to order your dress 9 months in advance’ – time was ticking on. A visit from my mum, sister and niece (we come as a pack) spurred me into booking an appointment at Blissful Daze here in Sheffield. And to be frank, I was worried. I’d seen gorgeous dresses in the window of the shop, I walk pass daily on my way to work but you know, most things look good in a size 8.  So along we went. I suppose I’m quite decisive in that I know what I like, I sort of knew what style of dress I wanted and I know what suits me but everyone kept saying ‘ You need to try all different styles on’ – I felt like stamping my foot and saying ‘But I don’t want to!!’

wedding dress

Photo Source: Sparkly bodice dress from Collette Dinnigan/ 50s style couple (Photo byLisa Devine) / Lace knee lenght from Monsoon / Dress hanging up (Photo by Plum Jam Photography) / Bride and groom (Photo by  Nine Photos/ Dress with sheer top and glitter belt from Coast

As soon as we got to the shop, the staff were lovely and welcoming – showing us upstairs, offering us drinks. There was no-one else in the shop and their attention was on us for the whole time we were there – so about an hour. I did voice my concerns about getting stuck in the dresses but my fears were allayed by Julie; and I got on with the job of trying on dresses.  And to be fair, before I’d actually gone through the process I assuming that staff in bridal shops just helped you get the dress on and that was that but I was handed shoes; accessories and they really changed the way we thought about the dresses. You  can see why they cost such a lot of money; the lace, the fabric, just sheer workmanship that goes into them.  And I did try on one that I wouldn’t have ever bought but by that point I was in heaven with all the lace and tulle; there was no stopping me.  At the end of the hour,  I think I knew then that I’d found the dress. But being ever sensible decided to think about a while longer. And think about it I did, and looked at it online almost hourly and after a flurry of emails from my sister telling me to buy it, a few days later; deposit was paid and the dress was mine.  Roll on June and my first fitting!


What’s your experience been like whilst dress shopping? Was it something that you enjoyed or did the pressure get to you too?

Love Louise



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    I’m also getting married this year. Finding my wedding dress was a totally daunting experience.
    All of my friends had found their dress in the first shop that they went in, I assumed it would be the same for me. The first shop I went in, they paid me very little attention, the second shop was a complete disaster and I just wanted to leave. However it did get better from then. After trying on over 25 dresses in various shops, I went into another shop and I just had a really good gut feeling this day, but I was still feeling a little downhearted at not finding my dress yet so I brushed it off as me being stupid. I went along the rails and picked 6 out, then on the last rail I saw it. I didn’t say anything and I left it so it was the last one that I tried on for some reason. As soon as I got it on I knew it was 100% the one. I cried and my mam cried, and when I tried a veil on with it I was completely blown away. I still had an appointment booked the following weekend and my bridesmaids were home that weekend so I thought I best go to that one still. I couldn’t get the dress out of my head, I cancelled the appointment and made another appointment and the one with the dress I had fallen for. When I tried it on again I just loved it even more, my bridesmaids agreed that it was the one for me and it reduced everyone to tears again. I just can’t wait until it arrives now in June. I think about it everyday. I would just like to say to other bride to be’s that don’t get too downhearted if you can’t find one at first, you will find it and when you do it will be wonderful.


    Ha Louise I have exactly the same story, except I haven’t found the one yet. But contrary to myself last year (‘I don’t care about the dress, I’ll just get one from Zara or something’) I am LOVING looking and now I’ve seen the amazing ‘proper’ dresses I really want one :) x


    Just reading this old blog post. I really hope the bride knows that Blissful Daze has closed down and managed to get her dress in the end.


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