Diary of a Boho Bride – Kate and Andy, Entry 3: The Hunt For The Perfect Bridesmaid Dress

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There is a little change to the normal blogging scedual today, as Diary of a Boho Bride is this afternoon instead of tomorrow, you will find out why tomorrow as I have  little announcement coming up on the blog tomorrow morning. So today we welcome back Kate to the blog, last time she talked about The Pros and Cons of a DIY Venue and today she is talking about her hunt for the perfect Bridesmaid dress. Choosing your bridesmaids dresses can often be quite hard, trying to find something to suit everyone’s style and taste can be a challenge. Kate shares with you her story and also a bit about the lovely bridesmaids bags she has started selling.

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I’ll pass the blog over to Kate……..

Hi everyone, I can’t believe it has come round to my blog post again! Christmas is now oh so close, and then it’ll be 2014 – the year of our wedding! Eek!
With that in mind it’s time, for me at least, to start thinking about bridesmaids dresses! Mainly because in my head, the colour of the dresses would make a difference to the final colours of my wedding day, but, as you’ll see below, the quest has not yet been completed!
I have three (adult) bridesmaids: My main bridesmaid is Jo. She is my best friend, and everything a best friend should be. We have known each other for a mighty 29 years – ever since we bonded over a love of Orville and sang ‘I wish I could fly’ in the playground of our junior school. Nowadays, we see each other every day on the school run, and our children are great friends too (wow, never realised how sickly prefect that sounds!). We also run a business together, so all in all, she is my right-hand woman, and probably knows me as well as Andy does. I was her bridesmaid when she got married in 2002 and she has been desperately waiting what will be 12 years to be mine, so finally she is going to be!
My other two bridesmaids are Faye and Beth. We lived together for three years whilst at university in Bangor, North Wales from 1995–98. We’ve remained close since then, even though we are spread across the country. It is Faye’s parents’ house that we are using as our wedding venue, so Faye will be heavily involved with all the planning (probably more so than a bridesmaid should be – thank you Faye!).

And then there are Esther and Ivy, my daughters (although they say that they are not going to be bridesmaids, but princesses – they are 3 and 5; I can’t bring myself to contradict them!) I have no doubt that they will steal the show, but for them it is ‘our wedding’ and I love how excited they are to be part of it (see the photo of them ‘playing at getting married’!). Dresses for them, however, will have to be decided nearer the time as we cannot know for sure what size they will be in 7 months’ time!
And so to the quest… bridesmaids dresses – what colour, what style, what length? And then there are accessories – belts, shoes, hairpieces, and bridesmaids bags?! So much to think about!

Over the last year since we got engaged, my ideas about what I’d like for my bridesmaids have changed, although I have always said short dresses for them – I think it looks better against the long dress of the bride.
But as for colours and styles, well… I have gone from liking the neutral palette and different dresses, to preferring a colour and the same dress! The colour would ideally be a duck egg blue, but I would also be happy with a dusty pink if it was the right dress. And now I am really keen on floral bridesmaid dresses – they look so pretty, and fit nicely into my chilled out, boho-style wedding!
I spent hours trawling through websites looking for the perfect dress, that all three bridesmaids would like and that I was happy with, and I found one! So I ordered it three times, to be delivered to each of them, and it was perfect except for one thing – the length. Too short. So sadly, they were returned. But the optimist in me said there’ll be a better, even more perfect one around the corner, just waiting for us to find it!
And so it was that we planned a weekend shopping trip. Beth is the only one among us who doesn’t have children, so it was with a skip in our step that we went, to stay the night, at her flat in Birmingham (the prospect of a lie-in on a Sunday morning is like gold-dust to any parent!). A full days’ shopping would surely give us time to find the dress, no?
No. It was November. Wrong season.
Everything is black, and very un-summery, un-florally, and un-bridesmaidy!
There were a few ‘possibles’ but they were on the sales-rails and finding three the same, in the right sizes, was virtually impossible anyway! Of course, we knew we may be limited by the Christmas dress season, but I did think there would be at least a smaller range that would fit our criteria. I now know better! Don’t shop outside of your season. Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

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So now we are pinning our hopes on the new summer stock coming out in spring next year – I will keep you updated! (We still had a fab weekend by the way, any excuse to get together!) And I have made a pact to myself that I will not get stressed about it. All three bridesmaids are gorgeous, and will look great in whatever we choose. It doesn’t really matter if its not quite the right shade, or not quite the right style. In my mind, they need to be comfortable and happy to wear it – ideally a dress they could wear again – and I need to let go of the idea of a ‘perfect’ dress, just in case we don’t find it.

One important part of my bridesmaids’ ‘attire’, however, is their bridesmaids bags, and these will all be made by Jo and I, as that is what we do! In fact, in our business making handmade gifts, we are just starting a range of bridesmaids bags and would love for your opinion. We are called Katey & Josephine and we have a Facebook page  so please ‘like’ us. We also have a website at www.kateyandjosephine.com. Here’s a few photos of some of our bags. What do you think?

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But before we can make the bags for Jo, Faye and Beth, we need to know what the dresses are like! So that is also on hold.
If you’d like some of our bags for your bridesmaids, send us an email at [email protected]. You can tell us your colour range and we can then show you what fabrics we have. They are £32 each (although this would reduce slightly if you bought more than one). Oh but they are on offer at £27 each at the moment, if you ‘like’ us on Facebook and place your order before Christmas!
I’ll also be having a Katey & Josephine bridal bag, with a nice vintage-style brooch on. We can do these too!


As for the other bridesmaids’ accessories, I’m leaving that up to them. It’s quite a funny thing seeing your three best friends all dressed the same, so a bit of individuality in the choice of shoes, belts, hairstyles, and even cardigans will be nice I think. And I like the idea of having different bags too, but which all tie in together nicely.
Overall, one minute I think I am quite relaxed about it all, but then the next I am worried about how they will all look together! I have to keep telling myself that all will be fine. And it will. Bridesmaids are there because the bride values their friendship, and if that’s the case then them just being there should be enough. What they wear is just the icing on the cake, making them look more pretty than they already are!

Happy bridesmaid dress shopping everyone! And of course, Happy Christmas! Have a great one, and all the very best for a wonderful, wedding-filled 2014!

Kate xx


For more information on kate’s bags go to

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