A Very Happy Announcement – A Personal Post

I have been dreaming of writing this post for months, no, actually years now, but today I am delighted to be able to share some really good news.
I’m pretty terrible at keeping secrets, so I have to admit I may have been far from cryptic over the last few weeks, but after an incredibly exciting and nerve wrecking 12 week scan on Wednesday, I am absolutely over the moon to let you all know that Nik and I are expecting our first baby!


As some of you may know if you follow my personal posts, the whole baby journey hasn’t been an easy one for us; we started trying for a baby straight after our wedding 4 and half years ago, but after a long and very emotional journey our amazing miracle baby is now growing in my ever expanding tummy!
I cannot tell you how excited Nik and I are, the last few weeks have been completely surreal, and so full of happiness I have wanted to shout it from the roof tops! I was never ready for the happiness getting pregnant would bring me. It has been such a long journey getting to this point, we are both revelling in our happy news and totally besotted with the idea of making a home for our new arrival. Hours spent discussing names, looking at prams and nursery furniture, discussing what sort of parents we want to be, have been some of the happiest hours spent.

However it hasn’t been easy getting to this point, and at times it has really put our relationship to the test. Not being able to get pregnant is hard, and for anyone reading this that is currently going through the same thing I salute you! It seemed every time Nik and I got some bad news regarding our baby plans someone else would pop up announcing their pregnancy, at times it was pretty tough but we carried on and tried to make the best of things.

After being let down by our GP, and then the NHS with failed IVF promises we decide to seek private advice. It was here that we had more tests done and eventually last summer, I was told that I would never be able to have my own children. I have to say that after a series of blows, my world pretty much fell apart! It was a difficult time for us, as you can imagine, but with most things in life there are always other options!
Luckily science stepped in, and with the help of a donor egg we were able to start looking at our baby plans in a more realistic light.

I have always had faith in the human spirit, always believed in the good in people. However the kindness of a complete stranger really has made me appreciate how totally astonishing and truly selfless some people can be, and how the actions of one person can have such an amazing and life changing effect on another.
Someone out there, for no other reason than doing a good thing for another person, a complete stranger has made it possible for me to have a baby and for that I will be eternally grateful! I will never meet this person and she will never meet me, but I think about her every day and what a wonderful thing she has done.
So for other couples out there going through the same thing, there is hope and there are options, they may not be something you first considered, but there are ways around the problems that are thrown at us! You just have to be ready to adapt and choose a different road to travel down.


(Me on the day of our last treatment)

As some of you may know I went on a bit of a health kick over the summer, I stopped drinking, started to watch what I ate and started to exercise. I decided that I had to give my body a fighting chance and make it react to the treatment as best as possible. After 3 months I was completely t-total and had lost a stone in weight…it must have done some good as it did the trick and all the hormone injections and tablets worked!
The day we got our test results will go down as one of the best days of our lives! (as you can see we were pretty happy)

me and Nik

Since then I haven’t had a bad day. Pregnancy so far has been great. Admittedly I have spent the last few weeks feeling sick and not being able to eat, nausea is a bugger! But for every day I feel like crap it just re confirms that the baby is growing strong and taking what it needs from me.

pregnancy cartoon

I have been ridiculously tired, some days having to go and have a sleep in the middle of this afternoon (how do people with normal jobs cope?) And I have to apologise to anyone who has sent me an invitation to something, I may have given a flaky excuse but I hope now you understand! The constant need for the toilet is a pain, but luckily my office is next to the bathroom, so all is not lost! I am constantly in tears, (happy tears) my emotions are all over the place. And please don’t cook a full English around me, or baked beans for that matter, the smell makes me want to run a mile!
But with all of the normal side effects the actual fact that I have another human life growing instead me is amazing! And every day I am thankful that this miracle has happened.
As I mentioned we had our 12 week scan on Wednesday and oh my the emotion was incredible! I wasn’t ready for how I would feel when I saw the baby moving around, at one point it even waved at us! I have no idea how I’ll cope when it actually comes out and we get to meet it properly, I may just cry for a week!

baby scan

As for the blog, normal service will carry on. My assistant Laura will be taking on more responsibility and I will be training her up over the next few months to look after things while I am off for a month or so. The blog won’t miss posts and you will never be left without new content, that I am certain of!
I don’t plan to start a baby blog, although it is incredibly tempting, there are so many cute things out there to write about, this is a wedding blog and always will be! However I may be tempted to add in the odd pregnancy or baby post every now and again, if you don’t object too much? I have lots of baby boards on Pinterest that have been secret over the last few months that are now visible so go and check them out if you so wish!
I am really excited for the future. Nik and I have a massive learning curve in front of us, and we couldn’t be more excited to learn what parenthood holds for us. I know Nik will be an amazing father, he was born to be a dad, me on the other hand, I’m not too sure, but I’m going to give it my best shot! And try my hardest at being the best mum I can be……and there go the tears again! Honestly these hormones!


Lots of Baby Love

Kelly xxx


If you would like more information on fertility treatment or about becoming an egg or sperm donor I can highly recommend CARE. We used the Sheffield branch and cannot recommend them enough. Amazing staff and first class service.



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    Fabulous news! So happy and pleased for you both. Can’t wait to hear all about little baby boho over the coming months. Sx


    This has filled my heart with joy, such wonderful news and such an incredibble journey ending as another begins. Much love x


    Ahhhhh congratulations! You said something weeks ago about having some news that you hoped with all your heart you would be able to share soon – I have been avidly checking the blog for this special announcement! So pleased it has happened for you xxx

    Becki Durrans

    Aww HUGE Congratulations to you both!

    Totally welled up reading your blog post this morning!
    I have literally been waiting for this every day since the first little cryptic comment I noticed on your blog 12 weeks ago now!! :oD

    Both myself and Jonny are extremely happy & over the moon for you and Nik and I can’t wait for you to share your baby planning through pinterest and your blog, it’s so incredibly exciting!!!

    So raising a glass (or coffee mug) to you and Nik, you are going to be such an awesome Mummy & Daddy team xx

    Becki xxx

    fiona pickles

    Oh wow Kelly, I am so happy for you – I know how long you have been trying – I’ve often wondered how it was all going but didn’t like to ask! I know from personal experience how hard and extremely emotional it all is (sadly it didn’t work out for us) I’m SOOO happy for you both. Make sure you take care of yourself xxxx

    Laura at Candid And Frank

    Simply wonderful and beautiful news! Congratulations to you and Nik (and well done for an amazingly moving blog post).

    I wish you a lovely pregnancy! You have such exciting times ahead!
    Laura Mac


    Amazing News Kelly, so so happy for you. An emotional and heartfelt post. May you have the wonderful family you deserve xx

    Nicola Russill-Roy

    Oh guys i am so happy for you, Congratulations! What an amazing story with a happy ending. Love to you both and your little baby boho xxx


    So so happy for you love!! I know how frustrating fertility can be…but you never gave up and now you’re having a baby!!! Many blessings to you and your growing family!


    Kelly, huge congratulations! Love the glimmer in your eyes and the happiness shining through your pictures :) wish you all the best through this amazing journey! xxxx


    Kelly huge massive congratulations!!! What an emotional and honest post about what you’ve both gone through. So happy for you!

    Lindsey xxx


    Ah Kelly, that is the MOST wonderful news!!! I am so over the moon for you enjoy every minute of it. Really happy for you both,
    Colette xxxx


    This is such an amazing post, your happiness shines through and I am so thrilled for you both.
    Exciting and happy times ahead xxxxx

    Lisa Hogg

    Kelly & Nik, huge congratulations on this wonderful news… don’t worry about the hormones kicking in, you just cry whenever you want to! Your Blog post certainly moved me… Wishing you a very happy and healthy pregnancy. All the best, Lisa, Chris & The Wedding Affair team x

    Jennie Beard

    Congratulations Kelly and Nick! I’m really happy for you and wish you all the best in your new life journey Xxx


    So incredibly happy for you both – lump in my throat reading this, after such a difficult journey I’m just thrilled for your wonderful news, I can only imagine how excited you must be! I’ve no doubt you will be the best parents and I hope the rest of the pregnancy goes as smoothly as possible xxxx


    Kelly – Huge Congratulations to you both!! Love the fabulous photo of you & Nik – beaming with happiness! xx


    A fabulous post, congratulations and well done you two … Positivity and pursuit of happiness pays off in the end! X

    Laura lissett

    Oh Kelly this made me cry this morning (baby hormones are still there 9 months after they’re born it seems!). What wonderful news. Becoming a mummy is the best journey I’ve ever been on…and it’s getting better every day that goes by. You’re going to LOVE it. Sending love and best wishes for a smooth pregnancy! xxx

    Johnny Dent

    Well done guys, I know from experiance that it can be a long hard road but that baby will make it all more than worth it, and great post too..
    People need to talk about this more..

    Laura Soothill

    I have to say, your story was so emotional and happy, I had tears welling up in my eyes :)
    Best of luck to you all and I sincerely wish you all the best in this exciting new future that is being stretched out in front of you xx


    Huge congratulations lovely, so pleased for you, our best friends are struggling like you did thank you for sharing your happy news as a ray of hope x


    Such fantastic news Kelly! Extremely pleased for Nik, having tried for the last four years without any luck I can relate to your story so much, so pleased it all worked out for you both. I look forward to hearing more about your pregnancy journey. Lots of love xxx

    Annamarie Stepney

    Oh Kelly, I’m so over the moon happy for you and Nik – huge huge congratulations! I remember our email exchanges ‘Hopes and Dreams’ back in Jan 2012 about our baby journeys and saying to you to remember that all kinds of miracle babies are born to couples who are told that they are clinically unable to have one….and here you are with your little miracle baby!!! So so happy for you :)

    Enjoy your crazy hormones and the feeling of the little life that’s growing inside you!

    Love and hugs A x


    Ahhh I had such a good feeling that this news was coming! What a wonderful early Christmas present for you both Kelly! So exciting and so well deserved after the roller coaster you have been on. I know exactly what you’ve been going through having gone through it all for the past 4 years too – your post has given us hope. Look after yourself and enjoy every minute of this very special time! X x x

    Clare Fletcher

    Oh Kelly, I read about your news this morning and it filled me with complete joy, snapped me out of my narky morning mood as soon as I saw your post. Pregnancy & life is a miracle and the journey is an incredible one. It is quite simply the best feeling holding your newborn for the first time and feeling his/her skin against your chest, oh and that new born baby smell, it’s one whole miracle. Especially more so after receiving crushing news like yours last year.

    But for me the whole thing just gets better & better. A couple of years of wonderful firsts for you two now. And then you’ve created an independent little person who you nurture to be the best person they can possibly be. Congratulations! You two are going to make perfect parents. Together as a team you’ll get it right. Life began for me when I had Lilly and like yourself, I wasn’t sure how I’d do nor was I a baby person. But it just comes, don’t ever doubt yourself either, you’ll do things your way and be just fine.

    I’m overjoyed for you both. So very happy.


    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I read your daily quote and smiled because we too just found out we are expecting our first little one! So once I saw your announcement I was overjoyed with being able to share in your excitement, can not wait to look forward to your upcoming blogs and join you both on this amazing journey! baby bennett arrival 8-8-14 <3

    Toni howard

    Sooooo happy for you both. You will both be fantastic parents. All you need is sleep & more sleep….get ready. Two new little cousins ( Johanna’s ) for Poppy & Lola which will all make beautiful friends ;)


    WOW, Thank you SO much everyone, your lovely messages have really touched Nik and I. We are overwelmed by all your kind messages and support.
    We are so incredibly excitted and feel so blessed with our news.
    Thank you all again. xxxxxx


    This is such incredible news Kelly, I can only imagine how this process has been for you guys and to know you are now expecting gives so much hope for others who are struggling to conceive. Congratulations again

    vicky {bride&chic}

    Oh god I’m crying now, what a heart warming story and I’m so pleased for you! Pregnancy is such a blessing and I am delighted that you are getting to experience its wonder… nausea and all! Looking forward to hearing all about your journey xx


    Hi Kelly,
    I’m crying sat at my desk huge congratulations! Your blog is so good I feel like you are one of my close friends. Enjoy every magical second xxxx


    I have always read your blog from ‘afar’ even after my wedding in the summer.
    I just had to comment now on your amazingly happy news!
    It truly gives hope to anyone else in the same situation as you guys were.
    So excited for you!!

    Sonia | Want That Wedding

    Oh Kelly, this post has brought a tear to my eye!

    I am so, so happy for you and your husband. You are finally going to have a baby YAY!

    I totally understand how it feels every time you hear someone else is pregnant. Fingers crossed for me and my husband too :))

    Wishing you and your family all the luck and happiness in the world.
    Sonia XxX


    Yay! Congratulations Kelly Welly. I’m going to shout it from the roof tops now – this news just has to be shared. Very happy for you both. Happy Christmas honey. Hope to see you soon,
    Sarah XXXXXXXX


    You and Nik are going to make the best parents ever! Massive congratulations. It sounds like it has been such a tough, emotional time for you both. I’ve loved reading your post Kelly. You both deserve this so much!

    Looking forward to hearing more about your pregnancy journey,
    Lots of love xxxxx


    I’m so chuffed for you Kelly! You’re going to make the best Mummy! It’s just the most amazing feeling when they start moving about in there! Wishing you lots of luck and happiness hun xxx

    Craig and Kate

    Hey lovely lady!
    We are so happy for you! You will be an incredible Mum and are looking great! Can’t wait to see bump pictures on the blog!
    Biggest love and hugs sending your way! Xxxxxx


    Aaaw gosh massive congratulations!

    I’m expecting too :) after some heartbreak earlier in the year, but we are so very excited now! We’re expecting our little one on the 1st June so must be close to you. Looking forward to following your journey and would love a couple of baby related posts xxx

    John Scotcher

    Really pleased for you guys. I saw haw much pressure this was putting you under when we were at Alex’s wedding last year. I do love a happy ending! Can’t wait to meet the midget. See you all soon.
    John xx


    Hi Kelly, I’ve been following your blog for nearly twelve months (since we got engaged pretty much!) and I’m so so happy for you both! I wondered from your weekly happiness project posts (which I love by the way!) if this was coming! Wonderful news, huge congratulations. We got married 6 weeks ago – with lots of inspiration from your lovely blog – and have just started trying for a little buddle of joy. Enjoy every second :) xx


    Thanks again everyone, honestly you are all amazing. So many stories here and so many difficult situations.
    I wish everyone who is going through pregnancy problems the best of luck, I really hope things work out for you all.


    A massive congratulations Kelly……I know how it feels….so happy you got there……and what you feel now, well you just wait until that little bundle of joy is born…it only gets happier and happier and more and more love and loveliness!! It is the best thing EVER!!!


    Sunaina Sharma

    Although I am a silent reader of your blog and dont comment mostly. I have to this time.

    So true – “However the kindness of a complete stranger really has made me appreciate how totally astonishing and truly selfless some people can be, and how the actions of one person can have such an amazing and life changing effect on another.”

    Congratulations to you and Nik. Have a safe delivery and look forward to newborn baby’s post with his/her photos!! :)

    Nicola - BelleNoirLoves

    Ahh congratulations Kelly!!! Such lovely lovely news. I had been following your journey silently and knew from your posts that you were trying, I am so very happy for you. I understand what it is like when getting pregnant doesn’t come easy. I’m lucky enough to be sitting here with my baby girl who was born in June last year so will be a year old by the time your beautiful bubba arrives. It really is the BEST thing ever! I hope your pregnancy continues to treat you well enjoy the sleeps while you can ; ) I lock forward to hearing more baby related news and posts. I’ll be following those Pinterest boards.
    Love & light
    Nicola x x


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