A Christmas Card Message from Boho

This afternoon I am taking a little break from the normal blogging scedual to send  you some Christmas Cheer!

I am also here to tell anyone who knows me within the wedding industry that this year I have decided not to send Christmas cards, but to donate the money spent on card design and printing to charity instead.


As you will probably know I am a BIG animal lover so I have decided that this year the animals will get my Christmas card money instead.

I’m sorry to anyone who is expecting a card from me, but I hope you understand that the £100 is better spent with the RSPCA.


So instead of a pretty piece of card, please send your love to the animals and please save this Christmas message from myself and Dee!

Merry christmas from Boho


If you are looking for a cute gift for an animal lover then why not try one of these Christmas gift cards? They have a great selection of gifts including; buy a cat bed and breakfast for £6, Donkey food for £10 or nurse a dog back to health for £25.


For more information on the RSPCA go to






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    Belinda McCarthy

    Lovely idea – who needs piles of printed cardboard to say it’s Christmas, anyway? It’s far better to know you’ve made a positive difference to someone, or some creatures, who really need help. Big smiles from me :)


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