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Choosing Your Entertainment

After yesterday’s discussion post on evening receptions, I thought that today would be the perfect time to share some wedding entertainment ideas. Entertainment is such a big part of the day, whether it be during the reception drinks, the wedding breakfast, or later on into the evening. Choosing the right entertainment that fits with you as a couple is a key part to the wedding planning and keeping your guests entertained will be the icing on the cake to a fabulous wedding.
I have asked Laura back to the blog to go over some ideas with you, please make her feel welcome.


I’ll pass the blog over to Laura………

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a good day. After sharing my alternative wedding cake , venues and transport options, I am very happy to be back today on Boho Weddings to share some entertainment ideas with you all! I am delighted to tell you that the days of the macarena and ‘oops upside your head’ are long gone, unless you want them that is!

I love that bride and grooms everywhere are injecting a bit of life and soul into weddings now, and many describe their day as having the party they always wanted. Sure, there’s a beautiful ceremony which holds, many would argue, the most weight of the days’ events but afterwards you have a number of your nearest and dearest to both thank for coming to witness your day and also to keep from realising their shoes are actually rather painful by throwing a cracking party.
I think it’s only right that the reception is as fun as the ceremony is heartfelt. What would you include in your party?

Some of you choosing a country manor, ballroom or more grand venue might perhaps opt for the string quartet, band, well chosen DJ (PLEASE hear them before you book and provide a ‘do not play’ list!) or a live wedding band and singer like Switch band in Bristol. The more outdoors wedding venues may befit some quoits, croquet or even a coconut shy, and those of you blessed with acres of space, why not have a full on fun-fair? Finally, some strict venues – or you party animals out there – might appreciate the opportunity for a silent disco to rave until the early hours on the quiet, or if you want a bit more flare there’s always flame throwers and fire-eaters. The possibilities, as we always say, are endless.



Over the years DJs have got a bit of a bad rep – uncomfortable school discos and cheesy pubs must have traumatised us somewhat. However, now there are so many ace DJs out there just waiting to tear up the dance floor with modern and well-spun hits. They are as keen as you to fill that dance floor, will take requests and often ask you provide them with a ‘do not play’ and ‘must play’ list just to make sure they keep your dance floor yours!


Black and White, Girl in Pink & Hay Bale DJs all Boho Weddings c/o Wedding Jam |DJ in Shed: Boho Weddings by Disco Wed



Over the past few years I have seen wedding bands that could beat the best of them, and they’re not as expensive as you might think. There’s really something for everyone, be it seven piece horn section or a tribute rock band. You choose the music and they’ll fill the dance floor.


Trumpets and Saxophones: Boho Weddings by Tierney Photography  |  Band in Tipi: Boho Weddings by Helen Lisk | Wind trio: Boho Weddings by Nicola Thompson | | Classical black: Boho Weddings by Brandon Chesbro | Red Rock n Roll: Boho Weddings by Funny Face Photography


Ah the wedding singer. We all have lots of preconceptions about wedding singers but recently I’ve seen opera in the church, 40s wartime tributes, vintage pin up girls and I hired a busker to play at my wedding. If you see someone singing and you love their voice – why not ask if they’d join you to play at the wedding?


Couple Singing: Boho Weddings by Craig and Kate | Guitar and Harmonica: Boho Weddings by Tux and Tales | Guitarist : Boho Weddings by Greyeye Photography | Guests singing: Boho Weddings by Mark Tattersall |


Garden Games

Think croquet on the lawn, quoits, garden connect four. You could have space hoppers, giant Jenga and  lawn chess. Your guests, big kids and small alike, will love letting their hair down before dinner!

Garden Games 2

Sign: Boho Weddings by Christo Nicolle |  Table Football: Boho Weddings by Emma B Photography | Jenga and Croquet: Boho Weddings by Emma Boileau | Connect 4: Boho Weddings by Paul Joseph Photography


Village Fête

A slight ‘upgrade’ if you will from the garden games, your village fête theme will probably need a larger space than your normal garden games but a coconut shy, helter skelter, ferret racing and splat the rat are bound to thrill all in attendance.

Village Fete

Sack Race : Rock My Wedding by This Modern Love | Tug of War: Boho Weddings by Jon Stars | Skittles, Hammer and Photo pose: Boho Weddings by Nicola Thompson


Face Painting And Temporary Tattoos

Things like temporary tattoos can be great as wedding favours as the reception begins to take shape. They can put them on and join in as part of the party. In terms of the entertainment side of things, face painting can be a great little addition for the kids. Bringing in custom temporary tattoos can also be a fun piece of the side. It’ll certainly be something that everyone remembers and they can provide another element of positivity in terms of the entire ceremony. 


Photo Booth

A photobooth is a possibility regardless of your venue size or space available, manned or unmanned, you can even DIY your own or hire the Boho booth! Guests get a giggle and a favour, good for all budgets!


Sign and Props: Boho Weddings by Jess Petrie | Posing Guests: Boho Weddings by Cotton Candy Weddings | Vintage suitcase of props: Boho Weddings by Assassynation | Children in frame: Boho Weddings by Nicola Thomson


Bouncy Castle

Ah, a good old bouncy castle. Some of my favourite pictures are of bride and grooms, bouncing with glee, shoes off and skirts aloft.

Bouncy Castle

Blue & Yellow: Boho Weddings by Laura Babb | Under the Sea Castle: Boho Weddings by Jess Petrie | Welse dragon: Boho Weddings by Christopher Ian | Bride in Short Dress:  Boho Weddings by Tux & Tales | Bridal Party : Boho Weddings by Sansom Photography


Fun Fair

This is really for the big venue. A step up from the sole bouncy castle this might include a helter skelter, carousel and dodgems and is bounce to bring screams of laughter to the group.


Candy Floss and Dodgems: Boho Weddings by Tracy Moore  | Helter Skelter: Rock My Wedding by Nicola Thompson | | Ferris Wheel : 100 Layer Cake by Love Me Sailor | Ferris Wheel : Junebug Weddings by Studio 6.23 |


Fire Artists

Fire artists are becoming more recognised as a skill and art form these days, so if you want some ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ as dusk descends without the firework display, let them hypnotise your guests with twirling flames.

fire eaters

Fire artists with multiple flames: Boho Weddings by Ana Lui | On Stilts: Green Wedding Shoes by Cameron Ingalls | Woman twirling and Fire heart: Boho Weddings by Gypsy Westwood


Silent Disco

Silent discos are an excellent option when your venue has strict sound restrictions.  With potential channels for the bride, groom and parents it’s bound to keep the dance floor packed!

Silent 6

Black and White pictures: Boho Weddings by Paul Joseph photography | Outdoor silent disco: Boho Weddings by Nicola Thomspon



And finally, a few more options which spring to mind that aren’t pictured, how about a  casino, mixologists or dancers? I’d love to hear what entertainment you are planning to enthral your guests?
Are you going all out or having a small party piece? Is your aim to have a heaving dance- floor?



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